Today’s Hot Scripture

Take some time this morning to be encouraged by God’s word. Enjoy this short devotional from Reese Kauffman.

The Power of God’s Word

Kids in Good News Club® are always eager to “show and tell.” One day a boy wanted to read a large portion of 1 Corinthians from his Bible. “Why don’t you choose one or two of those verses to share?” I suggested.

Reaping the Harvest

Peter Tigchelaar, Canadian missionary to Nicaragua, was playing in a park with his son when a young man approached him. “Do you remember me?” the man asked.

Open doors in the Philippines

In the Philippines the doors are wide open to take the message of salvation to children in the schools. Trained Filipino staff and volunteers are allowed to go from classroom to classroom and share about the Lord Jesus Christ for 15 minutes.

God’s Power over Obstacles

A Christmas Across America Party Club was to be held outside one of the poorest apartment complexes in North Las Vegas. The weather was bad and one leader begged for the club to be rescheduled.