Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

Resources for CEF Board/Committee Members

These are a few of the resources available to assist you as you lead the CEF ministry in your area. Some resources are available online and will include a link to the downloadable document.  Others may only be available through your CEF director.  If you have questions, contact usa@cefonline.com. We are always glad to help.

State Board Chairs may request access to the staff websiteContact us.

Organizational Manual www.cefonline.com/usaorgmanual

This manual will provide board and committee members with an easy-to-use tool giving clear and specific guidance on issues and situations you may face in your ministry. It includes such topics as:  CEF culture; policies for CEF in the USA; organizational structure; committee/board roles and responsibilities; recruiting and hiring; and many other relevant topics. Every member of your board/committee should have a copy of the current USA Organizational Manual. Contact your CEF director for a copy.

Protecting Today’s Child Manual www.cefonline.com/childprotection

As leaders in ministry we must be diligent to protect the children we minister to. The Child Protection Policy is foundational to ensure the safety of children. Your CEF director can provide a copy.

CEF USA Ministries Strategic Plan

As your chapter’s or state’s strategic plan is developed, you will want to incorporate the strategies outlined in the national plan. Your CEF director can download a copy to share or contact us.

Board and Committee Overview and Questionnaire

A booklet for prospective members that includes: Role of the Board/Committee; Membership Qualifications; Prospective Member Questionnaire; CEF Statement of Faith; and more.  Ask your local or state CEF director for a copy.

Leadership Training Series

Training and assistance specifically designed for CEF board and committee members is available. Contact your CEF director for more information. Every CEF board and committee member should take the Core6 course and read the Ministry Builders Guidebook.  

CEF Fact Sheet

Helpful facts about CEF ministries plus contact information. Download here.  

The Plan

A comprehensive manual and resource CD for building partnerships between CEF and the local church.  If your committee is interested in making an impact in your community, you will want access to “The Plan.” Contact your CEF director for a copy.

Fund-Raising Banquet Manual

All the details and inspiration you need to plan and execute a successful fund-raising banquet for your chapter or state. Contact your CEF director for a copy.

Annual Board and Committee Enrichment Conference

Each spring, board and committee members are invited to CEF International Headquarters for a weekend of workshops and Bible teaching. Don’t pass up this opportunity! Contact us for more information.