TCCMost volunteers visiting CEF International Headquarters serve in the Truth Chasers Club®. (Additional opportunities for service include buildings and grounds, shipping, press, creative services and other departments.)

What is the Truth Chasers Club®?

The Truth Chasers Club, a discipleship ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship® is a free Bible club through the mail. Truth Chasers are introduced to the need of Jesus Christ as Savior and are taught biblical truths including how to live a life that pleases God.

Why are volunteers needed in the Truth Chasers Club   

When you have 40,000 to 50,000 active Truth Chasers it creates a lot of work! Each week several thousand lessons are received and sent back out. Imagine the number of staff that would require and the cost to go with it. If it wasn’t for volunteers coming on mission trips, the Truth Chasers Club wouldn’t be able to offer this ministry and do it for free.

What would volunteers do in the Truth Chasers Club?    

There are a variety of opportunities including opening and preparing the mail that comes in, checking/grading the answer pages, praying for our Truth Chasers, data entry, preparation of old and new lessons to be mailed out, working in the mail room and an assortment of ongoing needs.

To schedule a missions trip please call 1-800-300-4033 ext. 1246 or email

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