5-day_clubAt a trailer park in Eureka I had the honor of leading eight-year-old Joshua to Christ.  I could tell when I looked at him and the way his voice trembled that he really understood the message and wanted to be forgiven.  He explained to me how mean he had been to his mother and he didn't want to be like that anymore. I gave him a Bible and highlighted some verses for him.

On Thursday when we returned to club, Joshua and som oher kids were there early. To my amazement he cam running up to me and said how sad he was that this club only lasted five days. Joshua said, "I want it to be FOREVER. When you guys leave I'm going to come every day at the same time and have forever club.  I am going to read out of the Bible you gave me and teach everyone about Jesus!"

On Friday when we returned to the club, Joshua had written his own rap song and gave me a copy. "Grow, learn, I can't deceive him, I must believe him, I love you, I'm not lying, I'm not crazy, I have to believe you, I have sinned, but I won't no more if you help me Jesus." Words cannot explain how overwhelmed with joy I was to be a part of this club! - Nicole Hay-Grumadas and Katrina Forseth

5-Day Club is an exciting fun filled hour and a half club held each day for five consecutive days. Each day includes a dynamic Bible lesson, creative learning activities, an inspiring missionary story, meaningful songs and life-changing scripture memorization. Click on this link to watch "What Happens in a 5-Day Club".