Madie_Sanders_pic_for_webMadie Sanders went to be with the Lord March 14th, 2012 at the age of 99.  She taught Good News Clubs through age 95.     The best way to share about her is to reprint what she wrote 17 years ago

The following is the personal testimony of Madie Sanders in her own words…

The year was 1937; the place, Amarillo Bible Church in Amarillo, Texas.  After a man named Mr. Overholtzer had spoken in our church I felt an unexplainable urge to teach children.  I had no children of my own at the time, but I realize now that the Holy Spirit was the one doing the urging.

Mr. Overholtzer’s visit was in late summer and by February of 1938 our first children’s classes had begun.  We lacked the colorful, lovely teaching visuals available today.  Instead we pasted flannel on the backs of the pictures we had so they would cling to the board.  Our classes were called “Children’s Bible Classes” which later changed to Good News Clubs.  

One of my most memorable clubs was on the north side of Amarillo at the “Preventorium”, a TB hospital for children.  The children were from several different races and ethnic backgrounds.  The Lord gave me such a love for all of them—a love that had not existed within me initially.  Classes of 50 or more were fairly common during that time.  As the Gospel of Jesus was shared with the sick, little boys and girls, many of them put their trust in Jesus as their Savior.  Never in my life had I experienced anything that could compare to seeing  those children come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

About 1947 the local CEF Committee was officially organized.  It was composed of four men and their wives.  These men underwrote the cost of operating the ministry and hiring a local director.  Over the years    the Texas Panhandle Area Chapter has had three directors.  I became the treasurer of the committee when it was formed and served in that capacity for the next 47 years.  In March, 1995 I retired as treasurer, but still serve on  the local committee and the state board.

I continue to teach boys and girls about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.  Last week in my first class this fall, a little girl received the Lord as her Savior.

As you can see, since that meeting with Mr. Overholtzer 58 years ago, my heart has longed to tell the little ones about Jesus.  There are still many boys and girls who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  I want to continue to do my part in reaching the lost children.”    

May we follow Madie Sanders’ example!