Mobile Donations

Vol_lodge_AC_volunteersThe leader of a group of four heating and cooling professionals told his crew, “This is mission impossible.” They had left their business in Texas on July 2 to drive to CEF International Headquarters to install heating and cooling units at the CEF Volunteer Lodge. They had 72 units to install and had to be back in Texas on July 20.

The team worked about 15 hours a day for 15 days, taking only Sundays off. On July 16 they told us they would finish two wings but they would need to come back after Christmas to finish the final wing. However, on July 17 they made rapid progress and decided to work through the entire night without sleep. At 3:00 pm on July 18 they finished the job! That evening they drove back to Texas.

The installation of the units is not the only miracle in this story. For over a decade the heating and cooling system at the Volunteer Lodge has been failing. Pipes burst every year. We have prayed and invited donors to give to no avail. Then in May the international Board of Trustees approved a project to replace the heating and cooling system and once again we prayed. We needed a new electrical system plus 72 heating and cooling units, one for each guest room. This project was estimated to cost between $200,000 and $250,000.

Within a few weeks a friend of CEF donated $70,000 to get the project started. Several weeks later another donor offered to donate all 72 heating and cooling units. Then the heating and cooling professionals agreed to install the units—free of charge!

The units are all hooked up now and await only the new electrical service to be fully functional, hopefully sometime this fall. We praise the Lord for His provision – of the money for the electrical upgrade, of the units and of the exceptional volunteers who installed them. These gifts from the Lord will allow us to continue using the Volunteer Lodge for decades to come. Volunteers from across the USA can continue to serve here at the international Headquarters, partnering with our staff to reach “every child, every nation, every day.”