Last Summer Serghi and Masa, two CEF workers in Moldova, were getting ready to leave for camp. They had about 60 children and leaders on a bus when they were stopped by the mayor of their town, warning them that if they left town the police would be waiting for them at the campsite.

They prayed with the children and decided to go one. When they arrived at the camp, sure enough the police were waiting. A little worried, Serghi and Masa went to talk with the policeman in charge. He told them, "You cannot bring these children here and teach them from the Bible. It is not allowed."

After some discussion they went to talk with the chief police officer. Where he and Masa met, they immediately recognized each other. The police officer had been a child on one of the first Good News Clubs Masa had started years before! He not only gave permission for the camp to go ahead as planned but also guaranteed his protection for the whole time they were there. God's ways and plans are perfect!