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The goal was huge - Nothing short of blanketing an entire nation with the Gospel in Just two weeks. Volunteers gathered from ten nations to reach the children of El Salvador. Believers from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama and the U.S. united to form 16 teams. After one week of training the teams were sent to three regions of El Salvador.

CEF regional director Abner Pineda went with a team to a children's home - a government institution for abused children, orphans and pregnant girls.  Getting government permission to go there was difficult but God opened the door. Abner said "We saw the sadness of the children there. What really broke my heart was seeing six girls ages 10-13 holding their babies in their arms, some nursing them. These girls, instead of playing with dolls, already had the responsibility of somehow caring for their babies. The last day we went, the girls were locked up in one of the classrooms because the previous day one of the girls had managed to escape from the institution.

By the end of our time in this somber and hopeless environment, the hope of the Gospel had made some difference in the children as they listened and took part in the classes we were having."

One team worked in the city of Metapan on the border of Guatemala. They taught 31 classes in 10 public schools, reaching over 800 children. A volunteer on that team shared, "When we returned to San Salvador the opposition became even more intense. There were not enough places to house us so nine of us stayed in the same house. The owners of the house had their business robbed, one car crashed, their other car stopped working, the pastor's son got a virus and had to be hospitalized, and more. But none of this discouraged or detained us. That marvelous family was a wonderful example of commitment, they did everything with so much love and enthusiasm that it was contagious and we had faith that God would do marvels."

God did do marvels, enabling the teams to share the Gospel message in schools, children's homes and churches until they reached over 22,000 children! Abner said, "The country of El Salvador, located in Central America with a population of 6.1 million, has only one full-time CEF worker - the national director Pastor Carlos Roman Peraza.

"We trust that with your prayers this project will give a great boost to the work but awakening participating churches to the need of ministering to boys and girls."

In just one week in El Salvador more than;

•    22,000 children heard the gospel

•    6,000 were counseled for salvation

•    800 adults heard the Gospel

•    700 believers attended teacher training

•    30 people prayed to receive Christ

•    300 attended the first CEF national conference.