The Truth Chasers Club has just completed a record-setting month. August was the best month in all of 2010, 2011 and 2012 to date in terms of lesson numbers. Students sent in 24,597 lessons and 53,245 were sent out to both current and new students. Almost 21,000 new students were enrolled!

One nine-year-old student wrote:

Do you know you all have changed my life? I thank you all for this. Now you are going to change my mother’s life. I just thank you all for this opportunity. You all have had me working so hard. I didn’t even know about this stuff. I just thank you. You all have me crying right now. There is no adult helping me write this letter. You all were talking about praying. So I prayed and got me a dog!

The club is an effective through-the-mail discipleship ministry for children and adults. It began in 1999 to disciple children who had been introduced to the Gospel through The Wonder Book™. The Truth Chasers Club offers 20 different age-related series of lessons available in English, Spanish and large print. A series consists of 6 to 28 lessons, for which there is no charge. After the student completes and mails in a lesson, it is checked by a volunteer who prays for the student, writes an encouraging note and sends it back with the next lesson.

Our primary ministry is to children but many adults also participate. Mary, 54 years old, recently wrote:

I was one of your [students] in the year of 2007. I am asking… could I start back receiving your lessons to help me further my walk with God. I really enjoyed the lessons that I was getting.

Children can enroll by filling out the starter lesson at Adults may call (800) 300-4033 ext. 1351 to request a lesson appropriate for their ages.