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In September 2011, 11-year-old Nico was hit and killed by a speeding driver while walking to his neighborhood school. The sadness of the tragedy was compounded by the fact the Nico’s family did not know who Jesus was, even though a Good News Club met in a home just two houses from Nico’s.



Several days after Nico’s death, the CEF provincial director received a letter from the local school board giving CEF permission to present a program in the school Nico had attended. But because of a letter from a concerned parent, the CEF team would be forbidden to mention the word Bible. They could “neither read from it nor even quote from it during the…assembly but instead [were] to be more universal.” The CEF team would not agree to these restrictions, even though this meant the assembly would have to be canceled.

In the midst of this situation the team received encouraging news in the form of a tear-off coupon from a Wonder Book. Nico had received and read the book then sent the coupon requesting a Wonder Devotional Book. The team understood that Nico's eternal destiny was in God’s hands but they rejoiced in this indication that Nico had been interested in learning more about God.

God also worked regarding the school’s policy about using God’s Word. Nico’s school opened its doors for counselors to come in and spend time with grieving kids – using the Bible as their resource!

God has used the Wonder Books in other South African schools as well. One teacher told a CEF worker that her seventh grade students were the best she had ever had. And this was all because of the Wonder Books that had made an impression on them over the years. A principal of another school recently allowed distribution of 640 Wonder Books in his school…and is actively promoting their use among five other school.

In Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa, Wonder Books were purchased by a local believer, who then gave the booklets to the CEF team for distribution in area schools. Currently six schools are using the books!

“If anything has made a difference in the lives of children here in Durban (South Africa), it is the CEF Wonder Books,” excitedly relates Ashby Kurian, who, along with his wife serves as provincial coordinators in Kwazulu. Hey have seen God use these little books to challenge the hearts of boys and girls.