sad_childTake the case of Austin*. It’s not that Austin, a third grader, is a bad kid or spoiled brat …. So you can imagine his school teacher, Mrs. Hanson’s surprise when the following event occurred.

It was the week after Christmas break in a Georgia elementary school.  While making the morning announcements, the principal reminded the children there would be no Good News Club that day…it would resume the next week.

When the announcement was over, Austin shot out of his desk and cried out, “Call her back and tell her we have to have Good News Club TODAY!!  It has to be today!! I've waited too long!!”

“Austin, sit back down. And there had better be no more outbursts,” Mrs. Hanson said.

However, Austin continued to plead for his teacher to call the office and tell them there must be Good News Club that day.  When Mrs. Hanson became firm with Austin, he sat back down in his desk and began to sob uncontrollably...he was crying so hard he could not talk.  Mrs. Hanson took the child to the principal.  After Austin settled down some, the principal began to question the child. 

Austin explained, “You see…the day before Christmas my father tried to kill my mother.  He stabbed her 12 times and thought she was dead, but she lived.  They are saying she will never be the same and might not be able to take care of us for a long time.  Our father is in jail.  They separated us kids and told us we might not ever get to be a family again.  I've been waiting a lot of days to get back to my Good News Club, because I know they care about me and would talk to God about us!  I don't know anyone else that talks to God and can help us.”  

The principal was stunned.  When she checked into his story, it was completely true, and none of the teachers knew about it. 

Next time you are in the grocery store or driving by a schoolyard, take a good look at the children and remember they have hurts you know nothing about and above all they need the message of Christ. Remember…and then do something about it.                

*Name changed.