Child Protection

In today's society child abuse and child accusations are occurring daily. Therefore it is important that Child Evangelism Fellowship take steps to protect the children to whom we minister and protect our workers from false accusations.

All volunteers and paid workers are required to undergo a national criminal background check and complete a volunteer application process in accordance with Child Evangelism Fellowship's Child Protection Policy.

Volunteer Application Process

The following items are required from volunteers in Child Evangelism Fellowship. (Paid staff have additional requirements.)    

  • Volunteer Application Packet (includes background screening and our doctrinal protection policy). Complete the packet and mail to the CEF office where you plan to volunteer.  (Follow this link to download the application packet .)
  • Listen to "Protecting Today's Child" (12 minutes) below or by calling 1-866-878-4182--or watch the video above.                                             
    • English

  • Read the "Child Protection Policy" included in the Volunteer Application Packet.
  • Meet with your local CEF representative for an interview and to present an approved identification source.
  • Some states may have additional requirements.

If you have any questions, your local CEF representative will be glad to help you.  Thank you for helping us provide a safe environment for the children entrusted to our care.

Click here for a listing of CEF representatives in the United States.

List of downloads available for Protecting Today's Child presentation.

Spanish Audio (mp3 at 14.88 MB)

English Video (flv at 83.6 MB)

English Video (wmv at 103.89 MB)

English Video (mp4 at 97 MB)

English Audio (mp3 at 14.38 MB)