No child grows up wanting to be a prisoner.  Yet, on any given day in America, 2.2 million individuals – 1 in every hundred adults – is behind bars.  Most experts in the field estimate that children who have a parent incarcerated are 6-7 times more likely to be incarcerated at some point in their lives than other children. Intergenerational incarceration and a 67% recidivism rate (released prisoners returning to prison) have resulted in the burgeoning numbers in U.S. prisons.

Other studies have shown that the most critical factor in reducing recidivism is a genuine religious experience, with appropriate discipleship.  It follows that the power of the Gospel is a significant factor in reducing the rate of second or third generation incarceration. 

It is into this world that CEF has introduced the What Went Wrong? program.  Inmates have the opportunity to enroll in the Truth Chasers Club  and to enroll their children, so they all receive age-appropriate Bible study lessons by mail.  Committed volunteers check the lessons, pray for the students and write encouraging notes to be sent back to the students.  This introduction to the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ has the potential to change future generations of these high-risk families.

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Many of the inmates themselves want to join the Truth Chasers Club but cannot.  Find out why