Teaching to Transform Seminar Series: Understanding Age Group Characteristics and Teaching Preschoolers to Know and Love God

These individual seminars cover various topics related to direct ministry to children. Biblical principles and practical ideas are clearly communicated in each 20-30 minute seminar.

These seminars are only offered online!


You can gain access to any of the seminars in this series for a period of 30 days by paying $5 per seminar. During this 30-day period, one person can download student notes and listen to the presentation as many times as desired.

If you desire to use these seminars to train a group of people, you can pay a $25 access fee and show the presentation to up to 50 people. Student notes for the same number of people can also be printed ahead of time.

boy-cmionlineUnderstanding Age Group Characteristics is a 20 minute seminar designed to teach specific characteristics of five age groups ranging from babies to young teens.  Understanding these characteristics will help you in preparing lessons, planning activities, and having realistic expectations of what a child is able to do or understand according to his age.

Teaching Preschoolers to Know and Love God is a 30 minute seminar designed to provide preschool teachers with valuable information to be considered as they prepare for and teach their class. Parents of preschoolers may also benefit from this seminar.

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