The What Went Wrong?™ Program       

What Went Wrong? is a booklet that offers inmates an opportunity to learn about Christ and enroll their children in an effective Bible correspondence program. This program is called the Truth Chasers Club .

This eight-page booklet asks the inmate the question "What Went Wrong?"  Basically, it says, "You didn't plan to be in prison, but you are, and that's because of sin."  The Gospel is presented and the reader has an opportunity to accept Christ. The back page of the What Went Wrong? booklet is a self-addressed enrollment form that offers inmates an opportunity to enroll their children in the Truth Chasers Club.  They simply tear it off, fold it, and mail it to us.  Postage is paid by CEF.  The inmates may also bring their completed enrollment forms to the chaplain who can mail them to the Truth Chasers Club.

The Truth Chasers Club offers age-appropriate lessons for children up to age 18. Children will receive action-packed, age-appropriate lessons through which they will get to know timeless, true Bible characters. Each lesson series includes exciting activities that will keep the child involved. These lessons are free and require no postage! Each time a child (ages 7 - 17) completes a Bible study series, he will receive a certificate of completion along with a prize. When a child finishes two Bible study series, he will receive a Bible with his name embossed on it.  


Benefits of the What Went Wrong? Program

1. Enhances institutional adjustment by way of increasing inmate's self-esteem through providing something good for his/her children.

2. May provide pro-social activities for the children such as after-school clubs (Good News Club ) and summer camps.

3. Helps inmates better prepare for re-entry by building positive family relationships.

4. Positively affects lives of inmates' children through Bible correspondence courses and Good News Clubs.

5. Targets a population of children, who run an increased risk of going to prison if there isn't any intervention.

Request a copy of the What Went Wrong? booklet.

Or send the name of your facility/prison, complete address and a phone number to:

            CEF/What Went Wrong?
            P.O. Box 190
            Warrenton, MO 63383

You may also fax your request to Prison Ministry at (636) 456-5149 or contact us by e-mail at whatwentwrong@cefonline.com

If you have any questions, please call CEF International Headquarters (800) 300-4033, and ask to speak to someone in Prison Ministry.