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2nd Chance is part of the What Went Wrong? program which focuses on young offenders in detention centers across America. Each youth is given a What Went Wrong? booklet that offers them an opportunity to learn about Christ and enroll in an effective Bible correspondence program - the Truth Chasers Club . Child Evangelism Fellowship  has a chance to give these young people a second chance at changing the direction they are headed.

Without intervention, today's juvenile offenders are at extremely high risk of becoming tomorrow's adult offenders. The What Went Wrong? program can be an effective part of their treatment.

The What Went Wrong? program can help these youth:

  • Shift their focus from self to family and society.

  • Develop a sense of right and wrong by studying biblical characters who serve as role models for the youth.

  • Positively affect their lives through Bible correspondence courses and Good News Clubs.

  • Build character and learn morals for successful life skills.

  • Increase their understanding of the need to change from the inside out (internal vs. external).

  • Develop good decision making skills.

  • Raise self-esteem by completing short term and intermediate goals that are built into the program. Every time students complete a series of 6 or more lessons, we'll send them a diploma - a certificate that says they've finished the course. We will continue sending them lessons as long as they want to stay in the club.

How You Can Help:

We need volunteers that have a burden for high risk youth. As a 2nd Chance volunteer you can distribute What Went Wrong? booklets to the youth in juvenile detention centers. Many of these youth are starving for the Gospel and will welcome the opportunity to do our Bible lessons.

For additional information contact:

Debbie C. Walsh

Director of Prison Ministry


336-210-7649 (cell)