The Truth Chasers Club (formerly CEF Mailbox Club) is an evangelism/discipleship program in which age-appropriate Bible lessons are mailed to children and adults.

Many children of prisoners are enrolled in this program. It is our only link to them.

When a lesson is returned, volunteers write encouraging comments, pray for requests and mail the next lesson. It is a wonderfully effective way to minister by mail.

Approximately 35 volunteers a week from across the USA serve in this ministry. These volunteers send out an average of 10,000 lessons a week. Hearts are touched when a volunteer rings a bell indicating that another child has come to Christ. Over 625,000 students have enrolled and over 22,000 decisions for Christ have been recorded since the program began in 1999. The Truth Chasers Club annual budget of approximately $590,000 is needed by December 31, the end of our fiscal year. Donations of every size are needed to keep this vital ministry going strong.

Project: 03-02

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