Truth Chasers to Reach Special Audience

“ Watch out, Atlanta! Tate Randall’s on the loose. He’s only nine years old but this kid skates like a pro. How’d he get so good? He’s practiced on city streets all over America! But Tate doesn’t do it for fun. He does it to survive. Tate Randall feels safe on a skateboard. No one can catch him or find out his secrets. Even Tate’s real name is a secret. But what will happen when Tate’s mom gets in trouble with the law? Will Tate totally lose control? Come along for the ride of his life—if you’ve got what it takes to keep up!”

That’s how kids are introduced to the Truth Chasers lesson series. Child Evangel­ism Fellowship thoroughly researched the special needs of children with an incarcerated family member and we have developed an exciting new Truth Chasers Club lesson series just for them.

The child will receive a large two-sided poster with kid-friendly art to hang on his wall. This poster clearly presents the Gospel as well as draws the child into the lessons by introducing characters they will identify with. The lessons and activities that follow help kids learn to deal with the emotions they face. Children will get to know timeless, true Bible characters and learn how God can help them deal with emotions like shame, anger and fear.

The stories are action-packed page-turners that kids won’t want to miss. The Bible lessons, which have been extensively reviewed by a panel of theologians, counselors and experienced children's workers, draw the child from the stories’ fictional characters into applying biblical truths.

We’ve included lots of activities to keep the kids involved and improve retention rates. And the lessons are absolutely free to the kids, with even the return postage paid thanks to the help of Legacy Changers™! You can sponsor five children of prisoners who are enrolled in the Truth Chasers Club for $25 per month. As a Legacy Changer you will help deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ to homes where there is no Gospel witness.

The stakes are high. There are millions of kids that need to know they can have a special relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Above all we want these lessons to really connect with kids, bring them into God’s family and help change their futures.