Child Evangelism Fellowship® and local churches form a winning team!

A friend of mine is an unbeatable Scrabble player. It's not long words that cause him to outscore everyone; he's a master at taking a small word and scoring triple points with it. Are you a strategist at children's ministry? Are you focused on the best location to reach the most children? Let me tell you about the triple-point-place for reaching children—the public school!

It is rare to find a neighborhood full of children on a weekday afternoon. But after-school programs are available in almost every public elementary school. Strategic children's workers are walking through that open door to an audience of kids who want to hear about Christ!

Nancy, parent of a second grader who attends an after-school Good News Club said, "My daughter would love to go two or three times a week if it was possible. The kids come out of club so excited about what they've learned. It has made a huge difference in some of the kids' attitudes and how they behave in their classrooms. The teachers are excited about that!" Most importantly kids are coming to know the Lord by the thousands!

Public schools are not only a strategic place to win children to Christ but also to grow churches. Cathy, a Good News Club teacher, writes, "God has really touched our church. Every Sunday in January a new club family attended. One boy who came said, ‘There she is! There he is!'--indicating me and my husband. He said, ‘I told my mom and dad that when we found the Good News Club people it would be the right church!' Another family hasn't missed since October and the mom got saved!"

There are several ways you can improve your ministry strategy to increase eternal results:

1. Your church can adopt a school. CEF will train a team from your church to go into schools as teachers and helpers.

2. You can become a prayer partner. Prayer has enabled CEF to open new clubs in public schools across the U. S.

3. You can spread the news about after-school Good News Clubs.

Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, says, "The most positive thing to happen to public schools is Good News Clubs. Many youngsters will never attend a church unless the church comes to them. These clubs provide an unprecedented opportunity to restore the culture, one young person at a time."