SampleCollage“God Cares for You” and “Life is Valuable” joined “God Speaks to Me” in the line-up of brand-new Truth Chasers Club lessons!

“God Cares for You,” for 10 – 11-year-olds, takes a look at the lives of Daniel and Joseph.  This series teaches children about making wise choices, trusting God when things are hard, and keeping themselves pure.  Amanda said, "I love the new lesson! It doesn't take a stamp, so my dad likes it, too! I understand it better, too. Thank you so much :)"

“Life is Valuable,” for 12 – 13-year-olds, teaches them how valuable they are to God.  Topics covered include Creation, the Fall of man, how to have a quiet time, how to live for God, and how to deal with issues such as abortion, prejudice and suicide.  Tulsa said, "It was fun, I never knew I was so valuable! Thanks, can't wait to get lesson 2!"

"God's Building Blocks" is an interactive lesson set for 3-6 year olds.  The rebus style (pictures to replace words) is attractive and will be fun for kids and the adults helping them complete the lessons.   Its sequel, "Growing with God" will be coming out in the next few months.

"Get Going with God" is the sequel to "God Speaks to Me" (for 7- and 8-year-olds).  This exciting series will help children realize they are part of God's church and will help them learn how to grow, give and serve in their local body of believers.

The “God Speaks to Me” six-lesson set teaches 7- and 8-year-olds that God speaks to them through creation, the Bible and  Jesus.  It includes features such as a Gospel bookmark in each lesson, a focus for the saved child and puzzles and games.

All of these lessons are postage paid,  which means it will not cost the child anything to receive solid discipleship through the mail!

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