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InternationalPlazaThe flags of the following countries are flying in the International Plaza at CEF International Headquarters. Please pray for the ministry and children in these countries. Specific praise and prayer requests are given below.

Thanks for praying!



CAPE VERDE – West Africa Region

Mr. Richard Acquaye, Regional Director

•    Thank the Lord for a worker He had raised for this island country.  It is a special blessing for the children!

NICARAGUA – Latin America Region

Mrs. Yesenia Ordóñez de Tigchelaar, National Director

•    We thank God for His provision in the midst of financial difficulties and for the repair of the grey truck.

•    We thank God for the provision to pay the 13th month. In comparison to last year, after having paid the workers their 13th month, we are now in a better position financially.

•    Pray so that when the time comes to restart the work in the school we still find open doors to do our work. We especially need prayers for the school “Camilo Zapata” since there is a new director there.

•    For new areas to open up where we can bring the project “Siembra” to reach more children for Christ and train new teachers.

•    Pray for the issue of the grey truck, for wisdom so that God shows us a way to solve the problem with the ownership papers.

•    New donors for the ministry.    

ESTONIA – Europe Region

Mrs. Ülle Käärik, Country Director

•    Praise the Lord for 26 GNCs and approximately 400 children participating every week.  Pray for remote areas closer to the Russian border and a vision to start at least 10 more GNCs this falls.

•    Pray for new instructors of teachers for TCE Level 1 and for the pre-school ministry.  Our goal is to reach more children in the villages and little settlements, but every region needs teacher training.

Middle East Region

Brother J., Regional Director

•    Praise God for the Christmas parties held in the churches and schools in one of the large cities of this country.

•    On January 31 the people of this country will commemorate the first revolution anniversary.  This can be a tragedy.  Please pray for the unrest and turmoil, that there would be peace!  Pray for the protection of the Christians in this country.

•    Pray for the protection of our coordinator.  

•    We need two more workers in this country.

UGANDA – East & Central Africa Region

Mr. Stephen Musisi, National Director

•    We praise the Lord for 501,539 children we reached last year and 61,934 made decisions

•    Praise the Lord for the December camp where 301 children attended.

•    Pray that God will touch His people to give to our 2012 budget of $95,829.

•    Pray that more schools will be visited to reach the children with the Gospel.

MAURITIUS – Southern Africa/Indian Ocean Region

Mrs. Pauline Kut Lin Loong, Acting National Director

•    Pray for unity.

•    Praise God that the ministry is expanding; however, please pray that the Lord would send us workers to help us gather this great harvest!

SIERRA LEONE – West Africa Region

Miss Eileen Armartey, National Director

•    Praise God for the success of the provincial programs in Bo, Kenema, Makeni and Kono.

•    We praise God for the Boxes of Books, for the Instructor of Teachers training teams and for all of the volunteers.

•    Pray for land for a CEF center.

•    Pray for financial provision for land and operating expenses.

•    Pray for prayer partners and for donors to see the need for supporting the fellowship.

PHILIPPINES – Asia Pacific Region

Rev. Joel Indico, Executive Director

•    For all the people involved in our 26th National Conference and the 60th Anniversary Program.

•    God’s wisdom and anointing for our speakers – Mr. Harry Robinson, Rev. David Ra others.

•    For Godly wisdom and enabling of the Spirit for the conference committee.  Provisions for the delegates’ registration fees and airfare.

•    For the victims of the recent typhoon and flooding in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City who are still in evacuation centers, although there is great opportunities for the Gospel.

•    Pray for our workers as they minister to the traumatized children and adults.  Please pray for God’s wisdom and strength (spirit, soul and body) for the workers.  Pray for healing and comfort to the traumatized children and adults.  Pray that God will lift the feeling of depression and hopelessness.

•    For the ongoing CMI at the CEF National Office.  There are nine students - pray they will be able to cope with pressure, for God’s wisdom and strength that they will use everything they learn to faithfully perform the ministry of reaching and discipling children and developing new workers.  Pray for the instructors.

U.S. Virgin Islands – North America/Caribbean Region

Rev. Samuel Bronigan, National Coordinator

•    Pray for Rev. Bronigan as he will be coming to CMI later in this month.  Pray for him and his wife, Crystal, and pray for preparation.  

•    In July a team of young people and adults will be in St. Croix for two weeks helping training the youth of St. Croix, teaching 5-Day Clubs and helping with various ministry projects.  Pray for the team as they raise support and for the youth/churches/children we will be working with.

•    Pray for April Nesbitt at Missionary Candidate Week currently here at the International Headquarters and for her as she raises support to hopefully be in the USVI in July, D.V.