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Fast Facts

  • Since 2005 over 270,000 prisoners have enrolled in the Truth Chasers Club!

    • Each of those prisoners has received a clear presentation of the Gospel through CEF literature!

    • Over 110,000 of these prisoners have become active students and 11,763 prisoners have made professions of faith since we started tracking in 2005.

    • These prisoners referred over 520,000 family members to the Truth Chasers Club, with over 310,000 of those being children between the ages of 0-17. Each person received a lesson that clearly presented the Gospel message in an age appropriate manner.

    • 66,561 of these family members (14,859 of these were children) became active students of the Truth Chasers Club and 5,441 (1,221 children) have made professions of their faith.

    • We currently have students in all fifty states and in over 4,000 prisons and jails nationwide.