Have you ever wondered if all the time and effort that is put into Good News Club® ministry really makes a difference? CEF of Georgia knows it does! A recent lesson, “David, A Man after God’s Heart” has had profound influence on one little boy’s heart. Consider the story of one Good News Club team and Tommy*.  

As our Good News Club team was setting up, the teacher whose room we use each week made a significant comment. “You’re making a difference in the lives of these children, especially the one who sits here.” She pointed to one particular chair. I turned to the other volunteers in the room and whispered, “Did you hear that?” They nodded in shock, holding back the high fives. We all knew the little boy she was talking about. Tommy was a little boy who we all sensed needed some extra love.  

I wanted to hear more so I asked, “What ways have you seen a difference?” She replied, “Some of the kids in my class are coming to your club. When they started school, they were disrespectful to me, and had a bad attitude, especially this one.” She again pointed to that same chair. “Now they are respectful and have become really nice students.”  

Our team was hanging on every word. When that teacher walked out of her room, we were praising God for this good news.  

A verse in this Good News Club series is Psalm 119:72, “The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.” The words and attitude previously coming from Tommy’s mouth were not honoring to God or the teacher, but Tommy soon realized that he didn’t have to have a bad attitude. He learned that with God’s help, he could have a pure heart and right attitude—that was worth more than anything!  

Tommy came forward for counseling and received Christ as his Savior at Good News Club! I asked him if he had ever heard before that Jesus loved him and died on the cross to pay for his sins and he said, “No.” This is unbelievable that little children in this country have never heard about Jesus Christ. With tears in my eyes, I listened to Tommy pray to receive Christ as his Savior.  

Over 80% of families do not attend church. Where does a child have a chance to hear about Jesus Christ? Likely it would not be at home, or school, and certainly not from cartoons, television shows or popular music. Good News Club is one of the greatest mission opportunities to impact the spiritual lives of unchurched children. God’s Word makes a difference in the lives of girls and boys, and the testimony fromTommy’s public school teacher is proof.  

Thank God for churches sharing the good news with children through Good News Club—children that would otherwise never have the opportunity to hear that their sins could be forgiven because of Jesus Christ.  

Thank you to CEF of Georgia for sharing this testimony.

*Child's name changed for protection.