When war broke out in Cote d’Ivoire, CEF National Director Pastor Kalou Ambroise and his family believed the Lord had led them not to flee.

During this time Kalou continued reaching children in refugee camps and other locations. One day he was on his way home from a 30-minute trip to get some money from the bank when intense fighting broke out and he was forced to take shelter at a Christian compound only two kilometers from his home. That 30 minutes turned into 17 long days as heavy bombing surrounded the compound.

Meanwhile soldiers were taking Pastor Kalou’s neighborhood hostage. Every family was ordered to denounce the militia. Then militiamen were executed. Pastor Kalou’s family of 15 hid in their home and remained deaf to the call to come out. His wife was able to observe what was going on through small holes in the window.  

But God miraculously protected the family. “Kiriane, the one-year-old baby who invariably made noise in the house, fell asleep from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, despite the intense heat of the day.  If the baby had awakened before the soldiers departed, it would have meant immediate execution of the family for having resisted and disobeyed.”

After the first four hours of threats and abuse, the soldiers withdrew. The next day they returned to break all the closed doors and look for any hidden weapons. Again Pastor Kalou’s family hid in their home. His wife called to tell him the soldiers were coming. Pastor Kalou asked her, “Are you ready for Heaven? I will join you later.”

After she hung up, one of the soldiers approached the door and cried out: “The militia are bad! They have killed a baby and have locked it in this house. It smells bad!”  And he went away!

Pastor Kalou says, “Was this not another miracle?  God literally protects.  Also, if we are not made to go through certain experiences, He is not able to fully use us. In this war we have learned this lesson.  His Word has become so much clearer to us, e.g. Psalm 91: 7. Praise God for His protection and for all that He is doing in the Ivory Coast and around the world!”

Kalou is one of 333 Sponsor-A-National (SPAN) recipients around the world. Richard Acquaye, CEF regional director for West Africa, said, “SPAN workers are [often] reaching the children at the risk of their lives.” The SPAN program is a vital part of reaching children for Christ.