Wonderzone.com Resources

Kids spend a lot of time online... why not point them to a safe, God-focused Web site?  In addition to the free Wonderzone.com® bookmarks, we also offer electronic copies of fliers advertising Wonderzone.com.  They come in full-page, half-page (bulletin stuffer), and six-to-a-page sizes. E-mail wonderzone@cefonline.com  to get yours e-mailed to you!

Encourage Bible Reading

Encourage kids to join the Bible Reading Club on Wonderzone.com.

Kids can go to the home page of Wonderzone.com, click on Bible Reading Club and then read the passage for the day and do the challenge.  They then write in to a Trail Guide who compiles the messages and sends comments back to the kids.  It is a great way to get kids in God’s Word every day.