Introducing the Interns: Josiah Schurter

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JosiahFor we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10) God is the grand orchestrator of the universe and He has a specific plan for each of His children. Josiah Schurter of Wichita, Kansas has a story that wonderfully exemplifies this truth. He serves at the Child Evangelism Fellowship International Headquarters as an intern in the Information Services department. God has been preparing him for this role since Josiah was a child. He accepted Christ as his Savior when he was 8 years old after finding a Gospel tract in his church. Josiah grew in his faith and service to the Lord and ended up serving as a summer missionary with Christian Youth in Action for four years. God gave Josiah a love for the ministry of CEF. “My first year of CYIA I went because it was expected of me. All my siblings had done it before me. But after that first year I loved it and I wanted to go back for me,” he explains.

Josiah has also had a love for computers for most of his life. “I’ve taken them apart, repaired them and put them back together,” Josiah said. God used these two passions to prepare Josiah for where he is today. Josiah works at the help desk, where he responds to cries for technological help throughout IHQ. He also works with the audio/visual presentations at the weekly chapel services and other events that happen around the campus. But Josiah said that his favorite part of the internship has been learning more about God and His Word.

In the fall, Josiah plans to take Children’s Ministry Institute, then head off to college. He hopes to come back and work at IHQ in a larger capacity after his time away at college. Wherever God leads, He will give the skills and strength for Josiah to succeed. He has already proven this in leading Josiah to his internship at CEF IHQ. “[I look forward to] being able to use the skills I learned here wherever God may lead me,” Josiah stated. We serve an amazing God who gives us the passions, skills and desires needed to accomplish His will for our lives. We can praise Him together for Josiah Schurter and the work he is accomplishing for the Kingdom of God.


Stay Connected with CEF

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Wanting to know what’s going on in the world of Child Evangelism Fellowship? Interested in seeing how God is using CEF to impact children around the world?

We offer a number of ways for you to stay connected! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for videos, testimonies, encouragements, announcements and more! You can also sign up online to receive our Impact Magazine to keep up-to-date with the work God is doing through CEF today!

CEF continues to reach children around the world with the great news of the Gospel because of people like YOU! By staying connected, you will stay informed on current materials, ministries and opportunities to plug in to CEF. You will be encouraged as you see how God is working in the hearts of young people around the globe. Staying connected can also help you remember to pray for CEF and the work God is doing in the lives of millions of children. You’re prayers mean so much! Thank you for all you do for the ministry. Get connected today!


First CEF Children's App

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God’s Word: Hide it
Fun kids’ app for hiding God’s Word in hearts!

gods_word_hide_itTeach your children to hide God’s Word in their hearts with this interactive children’s app!  Will you join in on the fun and exciting ways to remember the treasures of God’s Word?  It’s time to Hide it! 

Follow this link to download the app for iPhone, iPad or iPod.
For Kids:  

-Read or listen to key Bible verses:

  • Learn what the verse means as key words or phrases are explained. Be challenged as applications are made based on each verse.

-Sing Bible verses to catchy tunes:

  • Learn this verse by singing it karaoke style! You will enjoy singing the song over and over and before you know it, you will remember the verse!

-Memorize verses through puzzles:

  • Engage in fun, interactive puzzles designed to help you memorize verses and reflect on their meanings.

-Color in your very own masterpieces:

  • Add your personal touch to the illustrations by coloring them in! These illustrations will help you to remember the meaning and applications of the verse.

For Parents:  

-A unique Parent Portal that helps you to take an active part in your child’s Bible learning.

-Tried and tested materials based on over 70 years of CEF experience in children’s ministry.  


Utilize Your Job Skills in CEF Ministry

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Children we reach and teach deserve the best! CEF is looking for God’s leading as we search for the special person God is calling to lead the way in ensuring that our message is consistent, timely and relevant. The Director of Marketing and Public Relations position is tailor made for a person who has excellent communication skills and enjoys details, strategizing and administration. If you have a heart for this integral part of our ministry, we encourage you to apply. Candidates for this position will work at the International Headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri. Below is the job description. If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The Director of Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for external communications, public relations, public information, and publications. This includes marketing the Good News Clubs and other CEF® brands, ensuring that the Child Evangelism Fellowship and Good News Club® brand message is consistent, timely and relevant.


  1. Ensure communication strategy is consistent and reflects the CEF strategic vision.

  2. Develop, implement, and maintain the CEF Strategic Marketing and Public Relations Plan, with a special emphasis on USA Ministries.

  3. Compose, develop and prepare for the dissemination of speeches, correspondence, talking points, announcements, and other oral and written communications for CEF leadership. Confer with the Vice President, USA Ministries in response to public relations needs.

  4. Refine core messaging to ensure consistency in all aspects of CEF’s public communication.

  5. Collaborate with CEF leadership to develop advertising, marketing and promotion plans.

  6. Provide counsel regarding communication, public relations and marketing issues—current and future—which impact CEF.

  7. Determine the need for general ministry and specific program marketing; create and initiate marketing and promotional campaigns to meet these needs.

  8. Establish and maintain external communication networks for CEF.

  9. Advocate on behalf of CEF with external stakeholders and the media across all communications channels and vehicles.

  10. Work with media outlets to publish timely ministry information, such as press releases, promotional brochures, and other materials. Develop press kit(s) as needed for general CEF ministry and specific programs for distribution to members of the media for promotional use.

  11. Act as a ministry spokesperson to news media.

  12. Implement web-based and social media strategies for CEF ministries, including Good News Clubs.

  13. Perform social media community management duties.

  14. Produce and publish mass communications with email blasts and marketing campaigns.

  15. Publish articles, videos and photography on CEF websites and blogs. Write, edit and revise content as necessary.

  16. Obtain proficient knowledge of policies, goals and objectives of CEF operations, programs and activities.

  17. Perform other related duties and special projects as assigned by the Vice President, USA Ministries.

  Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college/university or equivalent, preferably in communications, journalism, marketing, or a related field.

  2. At least three years of experience in directing public relations or marketing programs.

A working knowledge of print and digital media, ability to write and speak effectively, ability to work harmoniously with a wide variety of people, and a knowledge of and commitment to the mission of CEF.


Introducing the Interns

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“…Prepare for what will most likely be the best year of your life so far,” Josiah Schurter replied when asked to advise future interns at Child Evangelism Fellowship International Headquarters. He is one of 12 young adults who are currently serving in the internship program at International Headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri.

The internship program started in 2010 with three young adults who came to International Headquarters to serve for one year. Since then, the program has grown to include 13 interns this year with the goal of growing to 15 next year. Interns come to International Headquarters, live on campus in the Kauffman Family Center (formerly known as the Volunteer Lodge) and work as Headquarters staff for one full year. They have the opportunity to participate in ministry opportunities and events with the rest of the fulltime staff like chapel on Wednesday mornings, World Day of Prayer and Spiritual Renewal Week. Many interns teach in after-school Good News Clubs and get involved in local churches. After a full year of ministry, interns have the opportunity to attend Children’s Ministry Institute for free.

This program is life-changing for many. God has called several interns into fulltime ministry after their year of service. Please be in prayer for the intern group of 2014-2015 as they work to bring glory to God and seek His will for the next steps. “God has taught me so many amazing things here,” Lydia Hardesty stated. “Being an intern has been one of the best experiences of my life. God is so good.”


A Canadian Story

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February/March 2015 is the 5th time that Summerland Baptist Church from British Columbia Canada (my home church) has brought a group of seniors to volunteer in the Truth Chasers Club at CEF Headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri.  How did this come about? What nudge from God has inspired over 60 seniors from a small community like ours to make the trek, spend the money and invest time and ‘waning’ energy to see children presented with a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let me take you back to the beginning…

My name is Marj Ericson. My first involvement with CEF was through a friend who was arranging Good News Clubs in our community of Brandon Manitoba Canada (back in 1967). I was a new Christian and I had no idea what I was getting into. I was green as grass and wasn’t trained in any way. I felt like my club was a disaster and there were even plans to close it. But through some training and help from my friend, things got better. Following one club a boy stayed and wanted to receive Jesus. Once again I was totally out of my element and scared. But God was at work. I floated home from that club on ‘cloud nine’.

Over the years I have hosted several 5-Day clubs in my back yard. At one of these my niece received Christ and registered to receive her first Mailbox Club lesson (Now called Truth Chasers Club). I helped her complete it, sent it in and had future lessons mailed to her home address. My sister was angry and told me to ‘butt out’ since she was not a Christian. About 5 years later my sister called to tell me of her own experience of receiving Christ.

After good friends told us about the opportunity of volunteering with CEF working with the Truth Chasers Club, my husband and I started volunteering in Warrenton, Missouri. Around this time our Pastor was looking for an opportunity for seniors to engage in ministry for the benefit of both the recipient and the seniors themselves. I gave him the information I had about volunteering at the Truth Chasers Club, and he caught the vision! Since that time we have travelled as a group every other year to mark and process the Truth Chasers Club Bible study lessons as well as to see the area and attractions of Missouri (a glamorous and enchanting place for a group of Canadians who have never sampled biscuits and gravy, grits and catfish or visited places like Branson, St. Louis, Hannibal, Carthage or Meramec Caverns). The groups change each time and have expanded to include other churches and communities in our area. The impact on our seniors and church has been profound. God has used this experience to transform lives and even bring about saving faith in one of the volunteers. This ministry has blessed my life more that even I know. Praise God for His transforming power in me and so many of my friends and peers!


Meet Sarah Porch, Editor

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Sarah_PorchSarah Porch is from St. Charles Missouri. She has a special love for child evangelism since she was three when she came to know the Lord. By the time she was seven, Sarah was helping lead neighborhood children to Christ.

Sarah first heard about Child Evangelism Fellowship as a freshman in high school when a CEF worker came to her church to talk to the youth about an exciting opportunity to serve Christ in the summers through Christian Youth in Action (CYIA). Sarah turned to her friend and said, “I’ll go if you go,” which led her to serving as a summer missionary for the next three years. Through her training at CEF, Sarah gained confidence in sharing the Gospel with children and people of all ages. God used Sarah’s experience at CYIA to grow her love for Him and her interest in ministry.

When it was time for collage, it seemed to Sarah that her life had moved on from CEF. Her love for the written word led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in English and her love for ministry led her to earn a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Throughout this time, her love for sharing the truths of Scripture with children never diminished and she served the children in her local church through various children’s ministry programs.

Sarah’s love for children, the written word and her Savior continued to grow through her time of higher education and beyond. When she heard of an opportunity to serve at CEF International Headquarters, she applied and was excited to be offered a position as an Editor.

God’s means of weaving His story through the significant and seemingly insignificant parts of life led Sarah back to service with CEF when she had thought CEF was only part of her past. Sarah is excited to see how God will continue to use her in the future at CEF and in her community.


Drawing Near to God: Our First Priority

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In these chapel sessions, Carol Johnson discusses our need to make our personal relationship with God our number one priority. She reminds us that relationship is not doing things for God but rather engaging our hearts with God. She demonstrates that our relationship with God has the right to take importance over all else, and she gives practical suggestions for how we can engage in and purse this relationship with Him.


Drawing Near to God: Our First Priority

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In these chapel sessions, Carol Johnson discusses our need to make our personal relationship with God our number one priority. She reminds us that relationship is not doing things for God but rather engaging our hearts with God. She demonstrates that our relationship with God has the right to take importance over all else, and she gives practical suggestions for how we can engage in and purse this relationship with Him.

Download the lesson notes for Part 1 and Part 2


CEF Devotional Books Used in Schools

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Over the last five years almost 15 million Wonder Devotional Books and Every Day With God were printed or printed and shipped to 131 countries. It is possible too that booklets went to more countries without us knowing about it! Many copies ended up being used regularly at schools. A few years ago the doors to all schools in Latvia were opened once the Ministry of Education encouraged schools to use Wonder Devotional Books for religious education of all kids between 9-11 years old. In Zimbabwe, together with the Ministry of Education, CEF equipped many school libraries to give children the opportunity to read Christian literature. Edmund Nkala says: Zimbabwe generally has no Christian literature so these 600,000 Wonder Devotional Books have greatly helped.

Last week we heard from another African country:

"The Wonder Devotional Books in Kirundi have taken Burundi by STORM! We have never seen such a tool to disciple children - it really is The Wonder Book!" (David and Eva Rehani)

Burundi_school_childrenCEF Burundi received the booklets for the first time ever in Kirundi, the local language. When it was announced that over 300,000 booklets arrived many schools and churches started to order them. A special workshop was organized in Bujumbura and more than 250 teachers showed up. As the CEF workers are visiting schools and churches they are running out of books and some teachers are suggesting that one booklet be used by five children! This is not possible because each child should have his own so that he can write in it as he answers the questions.

Burundi has a population of over nine million, more than half of which is children. Many children have been left out! We hope and pray that God will provide so that more books will be printed and every child will be reached and discipled in Burundi.

Philippines_school_childrenCEF in the Philippines is using Every Day With God in Tagalog and Cebuano in many schools in the Elementary School Values Education Class program. It is amazing to listen to many testimonies of children being changed. Here is just one:

"The books are very helpful! I have six pupils in my class who were hard-headed and disobedient, namely Ellah, Diamora, Crisjane, Cris, Danver and James. They caused so many problems, not only for me but for their parents as well. As I used the Araw - Araw Kasama ang Diyos (Every Day with God in Tagalog) in my class, I saw something new with these children. We memorized Bible verses every day and taught them stories from this book. After these children accepted the Lord Jesus, I observed changes in them. Their parents also are telling me that there are changes in their children's attitudes. To God be the glory! Thank you CEF for choosing our school as one of the beneficiaries of this literature."                                                                                                             (Mr. Eric Mariano, Kalunbarak Elementary School)

Every Day with God is used in values education programs in schools in the Philippines.

Another full 22-feet container is currently being packed with literature to be send to the Philippines. Please continue to pray for the CEF literature to continue to be an effective tool in reaching and teaching boys and girls.

By Bogdan Bassara, International Literature Director


CEF Equipping the Nations: Nearly 12 Million Pieces of Literature Shipped in 2014

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Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), the largest Christian mission agency to children in the world, announced their 2014 literature outreach totals this week – shipping 11,904,545 books and teaching materials to 190 countries last year alone. This is a 33% increase over 2013 and the need continues to grow every year.

Hand_drawn_visualFor 75 years, CEF has been reaching children with the good news of Jesus Christ – and quality literature and teaching materials are essential to this outreach. CEF’s Vice President for International Missions, Harry Robinson explains that the book shipments “began in 1999 as a way to help teachers who did not have any visuals reach and engage with the children in their community.” To support this mission, CEF began to produce, translate, box and ship all kinds of literature for teachers worldwide -- completely free of charge. Ninety-three percent of CEF’s workers are local believers serving in their home country. Many do not have access to books and materials – even if they could afford them – and before CEF books became available to them, the teachers told CEF they were hand-drawing visual aids to help children engage with their lesson.Visuals_used_in_Africa

According to Robinson, this outreach effort has increased since 2006 with the production of new materials such as the “Wonder Book” created just for children to read on their own. Robinson said, “Our goal is to increase shipments of literature for children and teachers each year in response to the growing requests from our missionary workers. Our ultimate goal right now is to reach - 100,000,000 children with the Gospel message in 2027 -- just in time to celebrate CEF’s 90th Anniversary!”

The book distribution starts with a request from one of CEF’s 2,900 workers around the globe and is eventually reviewed and fulfilled by the team serving in CEF’s International Headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri. These shipments are funded entirely by donations from friends of the ministry and the books and teaching materials, such as flash cards and lesson texts, are put to many, many uses worldwide. In the Philippines for example, they requested and received nearly 2 million books per year for the last few years – both for distribution after natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons but also for use in the schools and churches. Even now CEF is preparing a new box of materials to ship to workers in the Philippines. And Bogdan Bassara, CEF’s International Literature Director, adds, “Interest in CEF materials is great. In Cambodia, Latvia and Armenia, entire church denominations now use CEF materials in their Sunday school classes. And many other countries have similar plans underway.”

In addition, the ministry estimates that each box of materials it ships reaches 650 children with the Gospel message because these materials are used again and again to talk to children about the good news of Jesus Christ. One worker in Malawi wrote to thank CEF for the materials stating, “Teachers in Malawi used the Bible lessons received from CEF to teach over 109,000 children last year! Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world – there was no way our workers could afford to buy our own materials. Thank you!”