Fred Pry named Director of Literature Development

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Fred_picFred Pry has been named Director of Literature Development at CEF International Headquarters. Fred's ministry role is to oversee the entire literature development process and production from creation to shipping. This includes sales, customer service, creative services, prepress, press, bindery, and shipping. Fred previously served in CEF as a Local Director in Pennsylvania then as State Director of Virginia, a combined total of 12 years. Prior to following God’s call to join CEF he worked 25 years in business and industry, 20 of which were in the printing industry. Fred said, "God doesn’t waste anything in a life, as long as we are willing to allow Him to use it. It is exciting to see God connect all the dots of past experiences within this new adventure at CEF Headquarters, all for His glory and Kingdom." Fred and his wife Dawn have four adult children living in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and one who has moved to Warrenton with them. Please pray for the family as they settle in to their new home and ministry.


CEF Specialized Book Ministry Now Available on the Kindle

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Do you have an e-reader but can’t decide what book to download next? Child Evangelism Fellowship now offers a selection of books as e-books! The e-books available are from the Specialized Book Ministry collection by CEF press and are accessible through The Specialized Book Ministry is a part of the International Ministries department at CEF and aims to help equip and encourage people ministering to and evangelizing children around the world. 

So pull up a comfortable chair, grab your e-reader and enjoy some good books on reaching children for Christ.  

The titles now available as e-books on include:

Bible Talks for Children 1

Bible Talks for Children 2

Children: a Biblical Perspective

First Steps: How to Teach Bible Doctrines to Children

Why Evangelize Children

100 Questions & Answers Concerning a Ministry to Children

The Principles of Teaching Children  

And don’t forget to check back as more titles will continue to be added in the future.


God's Word Hide It - CEF Launches New App for Kids

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Gods_Word_appChild Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), the largest Christian mission agency to children in the world, has released its very first app for children called God's Word: Hide It! This new app is an interactive experience built for children ages 3 and up. The app allows children to:

  • Read and listen to Bible verses

  • Play interactive memorization games

  • Color illustration pages about each verse

  • Sing along karaoke style to the verses set to music.

A parent portal gives parents an active part in the child's learning within the application.

According to Dave Howe, CEF's Associate Director USA Media Ministries, "We know children are increasingly using mobile devices. God’s Word: Hide it! gives us the possibility of reaching thousands of children with the Gospel and be able to help them live godly lives. Howe adds, “We created God’s Word: Hide It! as a tool to help children develop the habit of studying God’s Word. We hope to coordinate this with our 5 Day clubs and Good News clubs."

CEF has plans to follow this app with two more apps built just for younger children. Howe says, “God’s Word: Sing it! will center around CEF songs.” Children can sing along and are taught about God through the lyrics and other interactive elements in the app. God’s Word: Know it! will be the third app in the series and will involve teaching longer Bible stories to kids through the app medium.

To download, search God's Word: Hide It! in the iTunes App Store. The app is currently only available on iPhones, IPads and Ipods. An Android version will follow.


Cast Your Burden Upon the Lord

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Gerd-WalterCast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you;
He will never permit the righteous to be moved" (
Psalm 55:22).  

Sometimes I wonder if there is a more challenging ministry than children's ministry. As someone who is serving the Lord, you probably know what it means to be tried and to carry a burden.  

Burdens can be grouped into three categories. Into the first category fall burdens that are a result of trials. God allows difficulties to come into your life. You have a car accident, an unforeseen need comes up or oppression from the authorities in your country put your faith to the test.  

Into the second category fall burdens that come from weakness. It can be a weakness of character or a health issue, in your own life or in the life of a person close to you.  

The third category has to do with your ministry. There is disunity in your team. Some groups of children are so difficult to reach. Sometimes the ministry itself becomes a burden. You then think, It's all too much. I'm not gifted enough. I want to give up. It's good when you get tired inthe ministry. But it's hard to continue when you get tired ofthe ministry.  

Into which category does your burden fall? Or do you have one in each category?  

Normally your question is How do I get rid of them? However, first it's better to understand who has laid your burden upon you. Whatever the burden is that you carry on your shoulders, it was the Lord who put it there!  

But why would He do that? Because this is the way to help you grow, mature and deepen your spiritual life. Strange but true: Your burden came with a good purpose! And even more remarkable, though the Lord has laid your burden upon you, He does not want you to carry it with

you! And He certainly does not want it to break you.  

Spurgeon said: "It is His wisdom that casts a burden on you, and it is your wisdom to cast it on Him!" In faith you accept the burden and in prayer you take it back to Him. In times of great trials, in times of great weakness or in times when your ministry becomes too heavy, cast your burden on the Lord!

The promise for all who do this is: He will sustain you! He will bring you through. He will meet your needs. He will enable you to keep up the good work. And especially, He will keep you from falling.  

In His wisdom, God from time to time allows the tree of your life to go through a storm that moves all the branches. But He will never permit the righteous to be moved. God Himself will never do anything that would move the whole tree of your life, nor will He permit any other person or the enemy to uproot and separate you from Him and the streams of water (Psalms 1:3).  

God accepts His responsibility to care for you as you serve Him faithfully in difficult circumstances. Will you accept your responsibility? Have you cast your burden on the Lord?

Gerd-Walter Buskies

Regional Director - Europe


Pursuing Sinners with Him

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Harry_for_webI was reading just this morning of the time the Lord Jesus spent in Gethsemane praying, just before his betrayal.  He had asked the disciples to watch and pray, and yet they were tired and seemed unable to follow the Lord's request. As I read, Matthew 26:45 spoke to me, "Sleep and take your rest later on. See, the hour is at hand, and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners."

The Savior had to be betrayed into the hands of sinners so that He could pursue them with His loving grace--for generations to come.  We have so much to be thankful for:

  • That Jesus should ever give Himself over to sinners--for sinners like me. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

  • That He should involve people like us in His gracious pursuit of sinners, the lost ones--the children.  What an amazing privilege.  We have fellowship with Him in the Gospel.

Perhaps you are tired today, like the disciples that night.  It is hard to watch and pray and continue in the work. We need times of rest; that is how God made us. He understands. He does not cast us off in our weakness but He does say, "Sleep and take your rest later on."  It is time to pursue sinners with the Gospel.

"For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost" (Matt. 18:11). He does that today through you and me, by His Word and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

May God give us the strength and grace we need to continue to follow Him in this way.  May He give us something of the love which He showed for sinners that evening in the garden as He allowed Himself to be handed over to them. May He allow us to do this, not to gain His favor, we already have that in Christ, but may we work as a loving response and act of worship in light of His amazing love for us.

By Harry Robinson, Executive Vice President, International Ministries


Never a Dull Moment

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BogdanAlmost 1.5 million pieces of CEF literature have been sent around the world in the first ten weeks of 2015. Did you know that CEF literature is being used literally all around the world in the furthest possible places? There is a regular CEF ministry going on in Tierra del Fuego in the south of Argentina where the CEF curriculum is being used. 

Up north in Greenland almost 32,000 Meet the King! booklets were distributed some time ago. Boxes of Books are regularly reaching islands in the Pacific Ocean. Kent and Becky Bryant, missionaries in Fiji, say, "When we teach Super Seminars, we use the Teacher Packs to provide every teacher with a Gospel Turn-Around counselling tool as they learn to lead a child to Christ. Depending on the time of year, teachers see a demonstrated club and go home with the lesson. In 2014 at the March seminar teachers went home with an Always True Easter party club kit, mid-year with The Life of Joseph and in October with the Christmas Party Club kit The Promised Savior. CEF literature helps to maintain a regular CEF ministry."

But sometimes there are challenges. Some time ago a huge consignment of the literature was not permitted into one of the countries in Eastern Europe due to the size of the font being too small. Currently a container of literature is waiting to be inspected in one of the Latin America countries. The authorities need to check if the ink used to produce this literature is child-friendly. In the Seychelles a container was too big to fit in the garden, so the only decision that had to be made was to cut down a huge tree. Today there is no school in this country without CEF literature says Missionary Director Daisy Naicker.

Did you know that, although Boxes of Books are sent out by post, they need to be carried in so many different ways to reach teachers? They are being carried on bikes, animals, cars, boats, small planes and by people in their hands or on their heads! A few years ago Diavolana (CEF Madagascar national director) and Marie-Marthe (South Africa/Indian Ocean regional secretary) went 80 kilometers inside the island to conduct a TCE™ Level 1. One of them carried a box full of TCE manuals and the other a box full of flashcards. Tamponala was in the middle of nowhere, there were no regular roads or electricity. They could do only part of the journey on a motor bike, the rest they had to walk. They had to cross a 56-meter-wide river and three other smaller rivers. After many, many hours of walking they got safely to the village where all the participants had been waiting for three days. Only after some time they realized that the rivers they crossed were full of crocodiles and there were many poisonous snakes along the way. Everyone they met was glad that Diavolana and Marie-Marthe had arrived, but was even more amazed that nothing had happened to them. Thankfully they were able to go back along a different road. I guess most of us do not need to sacrifice so much to get out with CEF literature! There is never a dull moment if you work with CEF literature!

CEF Brazil Takes Opportunities around World Cup

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Futbol_BrazilFútbol players weren't the only ones making goals during the World Cup in Brazil this past summer. CEF of Brazil had the goal of reaching children simultaneously in five regions of that nation, training people for this ministry and distributing literature. This was carried out by a multi-national team made up of participants came from the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic. All came with passion and willingness to make many "goals" and were true "champions"!

Among the strategies used to reach children in 64 cities was the "Ball in the Schools" program, which will continue through the 2016 Olympics to be held in Brazil. Teachers used a fútbol theme, Bible lessons and balls in the Wordless Book colors to deliver the message to the children. In addition to 124 balls donated to schools, they also distributed 16,900 DVDs of the film Jesus Children and 2,650 books for children. In order to continue discipleship of the children, 67 Bible lessons kits were given to the participating churches. A total of 4,515 people were challenged and/or trained for children's ministry.

The presence of foreigners was something new for the children and drew great attention. Many teenagers and young people, as well as managers and school teachers were amazed when foreigners were presented saying that the reason they were there--not to see his country's team play in the World Cup, but that they were there especially to tell the children about God. We praise the Lord for the 23,810 children with their open hearts that heard the Gospel message and the 10,164 who chose to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives! We are grateful to the Lord for this opportunity of the World Cup being held in Brazil, for even though the Brazilian national team did not win the cup, all came out winners!

Participants were also blessed by the experience. "The doors of my house were open to the neighborhood and our history no longer the same," said Tarcia Rejane de Melo Sales. She continued, "Those days were very special, not only for the evangelistic work, but because the children in the street where I live heard and accepted the Gospel and Jesus. This was wonderful in the midst of so much poverty and violence. " 

"We received the following message: 'I want to thank you for having presented Jesus to me. I am a girl 12 years old and from now on will always have Jesus in my life, as from today I will give my life in God's hands and I will search it until the last day of my life.' Amen and thank you. Hallelujah! Thank God!" Pastor Peter and Joy.

Please be in prayer for CEF of Brazil as they plan and prepare for a special outreach during the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.


Gospel Goes from Sea to Sea

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FonisA six-year-old girl named Fonis came to know the Lord in a Good News Club in Ghana, Africa. Little did her teacher know the plan God had for her life! She would grow up to carry the Gospel to the inner city in the USA.

Today, Fonis is a pastor's wife and has a team from their church teaching an after school club.  As Fonis teaches and sings the Wordless Book song she learned as a child it brings back fond memories. But the best part of all is that 15 children in her club have given their lives to Christ.

Fonis says, "My teacher instilled in me the principle of service and total commitment to Christ. Nothing could sway me to the left or the right of my walk with the Lord, because my young heart and mind had received foundational truths at my Good News Club." 

Good News Club DOES make a difference! May God continue to use every teacher and Good News Club for His purpose so that the Gospel can go from sea to sea.


Introducing the Interns: Josiah Schurter

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Josiah_webFor we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10) God is the grand orchestrator of the universe and He has a specific plan for each of His children. Josiah Schurter of Wichita, Kansas has a story that wonderfully exemplifies this truth. He serves at the Child Evangelism Fellowship International Headquarters as an intern in the Information Services department. God has been preparing him for this role since Josiah was a child. He accepted Christ as his Savior when he was 8 years old after finding a Gospel tract in his church. Josiah grew in his faith and service to the Lord and ended up serving as a summer missionary with Christian Youth in Action for four years. God gave Josiah a love for the ministry of CEF. “My first year of CYIA I went because it was expected of me. All my siblings had done it before me. But after that first year I loved it and I wanted to go back for me,” he explains.

Josiah has also had a love for computers for most of his life. “I’ve taken them apart, repaired them and put them back together,” Josiah said. God used these two passions to prepare Josiah for where he is today. Josiah works at the help desk, where he responds to cries for technological help throughout IHQ. He also works with the audio/visual presentations at the weekly chapel services and other events that happen around the campus. But Josiah said that his favorite part of the internship has been learning more about God and His Word.

In the fall, Josiah plans to take Children’s Ministry Institute, then head off to college. He hopes to come back and work at IHQ in a larger capacity after his time away at college. Wherever God leads, He will give the skills and strength for Josiah to succeed. He has already proven this in leading Josiah to his internship at CEF IHQ. “[I look forward to] being able to use the skills I learned here wherever God may lead me,” Josiah stated. We serve an amazing God who gives us the passions, skills and desires needed to accomplish His will for our lives. We can praise Him together for Josiah Schurter and the work he is accomplishing for the Kingdom of God.


Stay Connected with CEF

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Wanting to know what’s going on in the world of Child Evangelism Fellowship? Interested in seeing how God is using CEF to impact children around the world?

We offer a number of ways for you to stay connected! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for videos, testimonies, encouragements, announcements and more! You can also sign up online to receive our Impact Magazine to keep up-to-date with the work God is doing through CEF today!

CEF continues to reach children around the world with the great news of the Gospel because of people like YOU! By staying connected, you will stay informed on current materials, ministries and opportunities to plug in to CEF. You will be encouraged as you see how God is working in the hearts of young people around the globe. Staying connected can also help you remember to pray for CEF and the work God is doing in the lives of millions of children. You’re prayers mean so much! Thank you for all you do for the ministry. Get connected today!


First CEF Children's App

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God’s Word: Hide it
Fun kids’ app for hiding God’s Word in hearts!

gods_word_hide_itTeach your children to hide God’s Word in their hearts with this interactive children’s app!  Will you join in on the fun and exciting ways to remember the treasures of God’s Word?  It’s time to Hide it! 

Follow this link to download the app for iPhone, iPad or iPod.
For Kids:  

-Read or listen to key Bible verses:

  • Learn what the verse means as key words or phrases are explained. Be challenged as applications are made based on each verse.

-Sing Bible verses to catchy tunes:

  • Learn this verse by singing it karaoke style! You will enjoy singing the song over and over and before you know it, you will remember the verse!

-Memorize verses through puzzles:

  • Engage in fun, interactive puzzles designed to help you memorize verses and reflect on their meanings.

-Color in your very own masterpieces:

  • Add your personal touch to the illustrations by coloring them in! These illustrations will help you to remember the meaning and applications of the verse.

For Parents:  

-A unique Parent Portal that helps you to take an active part in your child’s Bible learning.

-Tried and tested materials based on over 70 years of CEF experience in children’s ministry.