CEF Leaders Visit Answers in Genesis

aig logoRecently our President Reese Kauffman and Vice President USA Ministries Moises Esteves had the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with the leaders of Answers in Genesis. It was a wonderful day spent learning more about the ministry of Answers in Genesis, visiting the site of the soon-to-open Ark Encounter, and beginning to think about how we might work together for the sake of the boys and girls.

Since their inception, both CEF and Answers in Genesis have been committed to impacting the next generation for Christ. Both ministries are solidly committed to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. Answers in Genesis has a core commitment to “believing, defending, and proclaiming” the truth of six-day creation since it is the foundational truth upon which all other truths rest. CEF shares that commitment and has a core commitment to “a clear and Biblical presentation of the Gospel.” Certainly both the truth of creation and the message of the Gospel are under attack in our day, and both ministries share an unswerving commitment to God’s Word and the truths it contains.

Answers in Genesis offers parents and children the opportunity to see the Bible come alive in its Creation Museum, which is done with excellence and great care for accuracy to the biblical account. As you may know, the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis use 7 Cs to explain the world’s sinful condition and to present the biblical solution. These 7 Cs also serve as the storyline of the entire museum experience. Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation are presented masterfully. Soon the Ark Encounter will be another means of teaching children the truth of the Bible and letting them see the Bible come alive in a unique and wonderful way. CEF focuses on reaching unchurched children, and Answers in Genesis ministers to thousands of children each year who may be in church but are in danger of becoming part of a lost generation. It was a tremendous encouragement to see God’s blessing on Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum and to spend time with both Ken Ham and Mark Looy.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum, please plan a visit soon. If you have already been to the museum, we guarantee you will want to visit the Ark Encounter. The Lord will impact you and your family; you will be amazed at what you see. We also urge you to pray for the leadership of both ministries as we strategize on ways to work together for the sake of the Gospel and to evangelize the unchurched and help to disciple those who have already come to Christ.

Visit Answers in Genesis online at We are grateful for your fellowship in the Gospel and look forward to what the Lord has for us in the future.

Reese Kauffman and Moises Esteves
Child Evangelism Fellowship

Brand New Book Release!


Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day by Robert J. Morgan with Reese Kauffman

“Reading this excellent book has stirred my memory and reminded me what God can do in and through His people if only we will ‘trust and obey.’ This book is more than history…it is His-story!”

—Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe
Radio Bible Teacher, Author and Pastor

Author Robert J. Morgan, best-selling Gold Medallion Award winning writer, briefly highlights the advances of Child Evangelism Fellowship® by describing Reese Kauffman’s journey with the Lord and faithful service as president of CEF® for the past 26 years. 

Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day is available for purchase at

Ministry Comes Full Circle

The purpose of Child Evangelism Fellowship is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living. It is so encouraging to hear testimonies of this being accomplished. Here is a testimony from Abby who was trained to teach at 5-Day Club® through Christian Youth in Action®:

I arrived at church for music team practice as some of the church vans were loading up to take kids home from Awana®. I remembered that some kids I taught during 5 Day Club said they might go to Awana so I decided to peak into one of the vans. When I looked in, I saw a van full of my awesome 5 Day Club kids. I wasn't sure if they would remember me but as soon as I looked in they all yelled "Abby!" It was so nice to see them and know that they are growing and learning more about God by going to Awana. I even got to see two girls that I led to Christ. It was so amazing! I am so grateful to have been be able to plant the seed in these children’s lives. After they left I went back into the church almost in tears, thankful our awesome church transports these amazing kids so they can attend church and learn more about God.

This is just one example of how God has used CEF and the 5 Day Club ministry to reach unchurched children and establish them in a church to be discipled in the Word of God. Praise God for this testimony! Over 156,000 children heard the Gospel this summer through the 5 Day Club ministry. Of these children, over 16,000 children professed faith in Christ. Pray that these children will be able to attend a church and be further discipled so that they may grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

If your church is interested in partnering with CEF to reach the children of your community or if you would like information on how your church can get involved with CEF ministries, go to to find contact information for your local CEF chapter. Discover more about Christian Youth in Action (CYIA™) and 5-Day Club.

Living Proof


Antonela is living proof that God is saving the souls of children and teenagers today for His glory.
She attended an evangelistic program for children in July 2011 when she was 11. From that autumn, she began to attend her local Good News Club. She was a model child; attentive and actively listening and answering questions. Her older sister, one of the helpers in the club, told me how Antonela had started to pray more, to read the Bible and was more interested in her church attendance.

In June 2012, Antonela decided to follow the Lord Jesus. This was an encouragement for me and I realized that it is true that the Word of God does not return void – exactly as it is written in Isaiah 55:11. He is always at work.
Today, Antonela is part of the JYou Connection™ and continues to learn how to live for God. She also is part of the team of teachers who take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the little ones in Good News Club.

She said, “Good News Club was what God used so that I could be saved. At GNC, the Word of God was taught in a way that I could understand. I was 11 when I understood what sin was. I realized that I had sinned and that God does not like sin because He is a holy God. He is loving and eternal but He is righteous and must punish sin. I understood that the Lord Jesus died so that I do not need to be separated from God and I learned what I needed to do to be forgiven. I thank God for Good News Club – where I learned how to get to Heaven. But more than anything, I thank Him that He saved me and that I am His daughter!”

—Claire Bain

Ashby Kurian Named Acting National Director

Child Evangelism Fellowship is pleased to announce the appointment, effective June 1, of Ashby Kurian as acting national director of CEF of the Republic of South Africa.

AshbypicsAshby was born in a Christian home in India, but grew up initially in Zambia, then Nigeria, then India and then back in Zambia. His parents were Indian immigrant school teachers. Upon his return to Zambia, he started attending a Good News Club® and it was in theGNC™ that he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior.

After a couple of years, he and his sister Daya were selected to be trained asGNC teachers through Teaching Children Effectively™ 1 and 2. This helped improve his zeal for teaching children, which he did weekly while studying to be an accountant. His father once told Ashby that if he only gave ten percent of the zeal and enthusiasm he had for his GNC toward his accountancy studies, he'd be the best accountant.

Later, realizing God's call on his life to become a missionary, Ashby left the study of accounting and went to Bible school. Ashby holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Durban Bible College. It was there that he met his wife, Pearl, in the church to which he was attached for youth ministry and teaching GNC every Wednesday. What drew them together was their desire to reach and teach children. Ashby and Peal became CEF national missionaries in 2008. They were instrumental in expanding the number of clubs and volunteers, ministry in schools, and became provincial directors in 2013.

When 2015 started, they asked God "What do you have planned for us this year?" Little did they know the way God was going to throw them into another faith journey. That is a chapter that has only just begun.

Boy's Death Leads Many to New Life

Mexico-MeettheKingThis summer in Mexico, children were playing a game of kidnapping others. As they were playing, a six-year-old boy was killed. This small boy's life was cut short by other children and teenagers.

As a result of the terrible tragedy of the boy's death in Mexico, CEF of Mexico was challenged to take the Gospel to the children in the state of Chihuahua and give an opportunity to the boys and girls to hear the Good News of Christ Jesus.

Bible Course By Helicopter Bible Course by Helicopter Vera is 12 years old and lives in a very remote village in Siberia. Somehow she got a Bible correspondence course lesson and enrolled. In a letter she wrote to one of the Russian CEF correspondence course centers: “I am so glad that I am corresponding with you. I am very glad to learn about God, about the Lord Jesus Christ and about what He did for us. Usually once a week a helicopter flies to our village and throws down bread and mail. It does not land, except in an emergency, if somebody needs to go to hospital. There is no other way to come to our village than by helicopter. Though I sometimes know that your letter cannot come so fast, I still run to the place where the helicopter flies to.”

Anastasya Nosacheva, the leader of the correspondence course ministry in Russia says: “Vera also asked for some lessons for her friends. We’ve sent her correspondence lessons and copies of The Wonder Devotional Book. Recently we received a new letter from Vera, in which she shares that she and her friends have meetings every week to read the Wonder Devotional Book. Every time they receive our letters, they meet together and study them.”

CEF of Russia receives many encouraging testimonies like that. Anastasya Nosacheva is convinced: “Bible correspondence courses for children and teens are a highly effective tool for reaching the hearts of boys and girls in a huge country like Russia. These ‘paper missionaries’ can go to places where we could not go and tell children about Jesus Christ. Today about 122,000 children are enrolled in a correspondence course in Russia. Please pray with us for these children and that the Lord will live in their hearts.”

Incredible Blessings in Indianapolis

DSC 0635 editFrom July 13 to 25 CEF volunteers from 28 states gathered in Indianapolis for the 2015 Good News Across America® outreach. God blessed in a wonderful way as the teams had opportunity to work with 31 partnering churches across the city.  Each church selected three locations in their community and took vacation Bible school on the road to apartment complexes, community centers, parks and other venues where children gather. Each church also hosted a rally on Friday night which gave them the opportunity to invite those in their community for a meal and closing program.

Children in the Midst of Chaos

Impact Spring 2015 - USA(USA)St. Louis, Missouri seemed to take over the evening news this past fall as protests occurred regarding a police shooting situation in the city of Ferguson. Three Good News Clubs in the area were affected by the unrest and violence taking place around them.

One Good News Club teacher wrote, “Even though our city has seen much unrest and tragedy from the Ferguson situation the Lord is still on His throne and at work. My GNC is very near this area and we only had to cancel club for one week as things unfolded. I average 27 to 30 children in club each week. This is my fourth year of teaching this club with my team.  We could not ask for a better group of children to teach who have an eagerness to learn from God’s Word. The real blessing is hearing that the children are putting into practice what is being taught in club and seeing behavior and attitudes change.”

Though the unrest affected the whole area and even other cities throughout the USA, in my GNC the children were calm with no signs of being nervous or anxious about the events unfolding around them. We reminded them who was with them at all times and who could they talk to about any fears or worries they may have. We talked about how God wants us to show His kindness to others and that we need to ask Him to help each of us to do this even when it may be hard. We discussed ways they could show kindness at school, in their home, or while playing in their neighborhood.  The children have used verses they have learned in GNC and are learning to pray and ask God to help them.

Their lives evidence their learning. Saniyah shared on day that she had been about to get into a fight. She asked the Holy Spirit to help her not have to fight and was able to walk away without fighting. Fighting to solve their struggles and lack of respect for authority can be a big hurdle these children face. I have seen God at work in the lives of the children attending my GNC as they learn to be respectful to authority and ask the Lord to be their helper in making good choices. Helping these children to know the Gospel and how to share it and teaching them to respect authority will have a long term effect on their lives which in turn will affect their neighborhoods.

We continue to encourage the children to be a light for the Lord within their own homes, the school and their neighborhoods. My team leader and her husband who teaches in club as well have moved from attending their church in Florissant to a neighborhood church closer to the school in the Ferguson area. They have made this move to encourage children and their families to begin to attend this church that is closer to where the children live. These volunteers have a heart to not only see children reach reached but also their families. We are praying for the Lord to bless these efforts and bring some of these neighborhood families into to this church where they can come to know Jesus.

A new GNC began this month in Normandy, a neighboring community just a few blocks from Ferguson.  to Ferguson. We are also working to get GNC ministry into the Ferguson/Florissant School District. Pray for the Lord to open this door!

(Cindy Wells, Director of CEF of Missouri, Greater St. Louis Area)



God Gives Five More Minutes

GNCI have taught in Good News Clubs for about 10 years.  My school ends at 2:45. I cannot leave until the busses depart at 2:55-3:00.  It is a 30 minute ride to another school in Hamilton where I teach the club.  If all goes well, I can just make it, if I wait with my car running and follow the busses out of the parking lot. 

Another Good News Club teacher was always early to cover for us, but she got cancer and had to stop teaching.  Suddenly, I was under a lot of pressure to get to club on time.  I worried each week, What if the busses leave late? What if I have car trouble? What if there is a delay on the road? I was making it each week on time, but I feared that a day would come when I would not get there on time.  I feared that I could jeopardize the whole Good News Club program by not being there on time. 

We prayed for a solution. I asked God for five extra minutes. (A friend) started coming to the school just to cover me for 10 minutes. She got to the school at dismissal and waited to be sure that I was there.  Then when I arrived, she left to get home and get her dinner so that she could work at AWANA that night.  I told her, “I just need 5 more minutes!”

As the school year ended and I looked to the following year, I prayed about continuing.  I felt I should continue with Good News Club for so many reasons, but I was cutting it too close!  I felt I might not be able to continue if we could not find a third person to be part of our club team at that school. 

I considered asking my principal not to give me a class at the end of the day and to let me leave 5 minutes early on Fridays. I considered taking half days or asking for coverage on Good News Club days. I was trying to think of a work-around. 

I had no idea that God had already been working on the answer to my prayer for a year before I even expressed it.  The Township School Board where we have our Good News Club changed the entire schedule and extended the school day by FIVE MINUTES!  In their wisdom, they believed that they needed to increase instruction by adding five minutes to each day of school.   Perhaps they are teaching a lot more in those extra five minutes.  I also know that God added five minutes so that I could continue to work at Good News Club and bring the Gospel to children who might not otherwise hear it.

—Good News Club teacher, New Jersey

What does EVERY CHILD really mean to us in CEF?

Harry Robinson, Vice President International Ministries

407-ChildIt means a commitment to do the will of God in taking His Word to as many children as possible in each generation.  There needs to be an urgency to our mission – a fervor which to those looking on, hardly makes sense because it is God given and we go forward empowered by Him. 

Does it mean that we know the exact percentage of growth we shall achieve in our ministry each year?  No it does not.  However, it does mean that we will do our part in making every effort to obey the Great Commission entrusted to us.  In the past, as we have Trained, Equipped and Supported in increasing measure, the Lord has been pleased to bless this approach and increase the number of children seeking after Him.  It is our prayer that He will continue to bless in the same way as we trust Him to provide for the growing needs of the ministry in order to fulfill the vision He has given us. 

Every Child is not about statistics – it is about Each Child – each and every child lost without a Savior.  It is about individual children from all parts of the world who need the message which God has entrusted to us.  It is about reaching more children, not so that we get a great name – but because God is glorified as He pursues and saves children and then as they live their lives following Him.

“Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”