God Brought Salvation From Discouragement

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Emma is a 5-Day Club teacher, having gone through Christian Youth In Action for three years. She graciously shares her first 5-Day Club experience of the summer with us. Emma writes:

“On the three-minute ride to 5-Day Club, I felt nothing but exhaustion and discouragement. The previous day’s club had been, well, not exactly ideal. The children seemed to have an objection to raising their hands to indicate that they were interested in knowing more about the way of salvation. They had far more energy than they could contain. Now as we began to set up for club, dark, ominous clouds enveloped the sky. A gentle drizzle progressed into a torrent of rain.  

“Our club, full of bouncy, energized children, was uprooted from the yard and replanted in a little room in the basement. Yet these energetic kids paid attention, even with thunder rattling the windows and little to no room to move. After my Bible lesson, as I gave the invitation, 12-year-old Jonathan stood up and followed me to the back of the room. That was when my mind went blank. All of the hours I had poured into studying what to do and say, every practicum I had struggled through, left me. There were a myriad of distractions. The basement had begun to flood. The host was a mere three feet away mopping the floor. My teammate was teaching missions loudly and enthusiastically just behind me. Humanly speaking, this was the day when everything went wrong. All I can distinctly remember praying was, ‘God, please help me!’ And thanks be to God, He is gracious and does not expect us to lean on our own understanding.  

“When I asked Jonathan why he had come back to talk to me, he said, ‘Something inside of me told me I needed to come and talk to God.’ There were tears in his eyes as he told me that there was so much wrong with the world. There was so much sin. I asked Jonathan if he had ever sinned. He began to break down in tears, admitting to the time he had brought a water bottle into class when he knew it wasn’t allowed. As we continued to talk, Jonathan told me he wanted to trust the Lord Jesus as his Savior. When he bowed his head to pray, there was silence. He looked up at me. ‘I don’t know what to say.’  

“‘Tell God what you told me,’ I urged. He prayed, confessing about the time he had disobeyed his teacher, and telling God that he believed the Lord Jesus had died on the cross and risen again to take the punishment for his sins. When he finished, he had to wipe his glasses on his shirt. I had the privilege of giving Jonathan his first Bible, and he carried it proudly back to club every day. That rainy Tuesday, God took everything that had gone so very wrong in my eyes, and used it for His honor and glory.”  

This year has seen great spiritual warfare on many different fronts. Will you pray and ask God to do mighty things through Emma and other young people in the CYIA program who will be teaching this summer? Will you also pray that more 5-Day Club host families will step up and allow these gifted teens to help them reach their neighborhood with the Gospel? Thank you for your prayers and support!


Colter Brown - Serving Wherever God Calls

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Colter Brown doesn’t remember the conversation he and his mother had when she counseled him for salvation because he was four years old at the time. But he does remember the strong sense of God’s working in his life as he attended Camp Good News® and participated in 5 Day Clubs. His faith continued to strengthen throughout his childhood and at the age of 13 he participated in Christian Youth In Action® for the first time. This experience gave him greater assurance in his salvation. For nine more summers, Colter taught clubs with the CYIA program. At the age of 21 he began an internship in Wyoming at the Child Evangelism Fellowship® state office. These experiences were the foundation for the many positions he would fill at CEF®.

In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, Colter was hired by USA Ministries to do disaster relief work in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He was part of a team that passed out Do You Wonder Why? booklets at Walmart, on the streets and door to door. They were able to share the booklets with hurricane victims, the military and police officers.

He also had the opportunity to teach clubs for children who had been evacuated to the Superdome. Colter says, “They were some of the most challenging clubs I had taught.” The children were traumatized. Some did not know where their parents were.

This mission trip was very trying for Colter. He witnessed devastation like he never had before. He says, “Everything was in ruins and in shambles. The smells were horrible.”

When his mission in Louisiana was complete, he returned to CEF International Headquarters to attend Children’s Ministries Institute®. He felt God’s call to cross-cultural service so he applied with International Ministries as a career missionary to Latin America. He was accepted in September 2006.

Colter is currently working at International Headquarters as the director of missionary outreach. In this position, he has many tasks including overseeing our U.S. sent missionaries.

Colter is married to Anna whom he met at CMI in 2006. They have been married five years and have two children, Jedediah and Elizabeth Praise. They ask that you pray for wisdom as they seek to live for Him and that God will provide them with a home.

Colter’s involvement in CEF is an example of how God uses one individual in many capacities at CEF. His ministry experiences are diverse, proof that Colter serves God wherever He calls.

If you would like to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to financially support them click on Donate, use the supporting selection and enter Colter and Anna Brown in the comments section.


Featured Job Opening

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Utilize Your Job Skills in CEF Ministry

TeachUsAboutTheKing-webChildren we reach and teach deserve the best! CEF is looking for God’s leading as we search for the special person whom God has called to lead the way in strengthening and updating our curriculum. This position is tailor made for the person who has an excellent grasp of grammar, enjoys details, strategizing, writing and administration.

 If you have a heart for this integral part of our ministry, we encourage you to apply. Candidates for this position will work at the International Headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri. Below is the job description. If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Ministry Literature Development Director


Oversees and participates in the entire ministry literature process for the development ministry publications and content. Leads projects for new products, Good News Club®, 5-Day Club®, Party Club curriculum and any special projects as assigned by the Ministry Literature Executive Office. Manages the review and approval process of the Development Committee.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Supervises writers, editors, graphic designers, illustrators and copyrights/trademarks staff and vendors.

  2. Plans and schedules curriculum materials and other ministry content projects to ensure quality on-time delivery.

  3. Ensures that established development, editorial and organizational policies, practices and procedures are followed.

  4. Chairs the development committee, ensuring that changes required by the committee are implemented.

  5. Works in cooperation with the development committee, USA Ministries, International Ministries and Education in the development or revision of curriculum and Gospel/theological training materials.

  6. Liaisons with CEF Press to begin press jobs, coordinates and ensures timely hand off of final files so that shelf dates are met.

  7. Oversees the organization and maintenance of the filing system for current literature projects and archival materials.

  8. Oversees the implementation and management of the Intellectual Properties Management project.

  9. Oversees the copyrights, trademarks and translation processes.

  10. Communicates with Sales and Service, USA Ministries, International Ministries, Children’s Ministries Institute, and Corporate Communications regarding upcoming product information and promotion.

  11. Performs additional duties or special assignments as requested by the Ministry Literature Executive Office.

Essential Skills

  • Leadership and management ability

  • Organizational skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent writing and grammar skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft Word and Excel

  • Scheduling and project management experience

  • Team player

  • Ministry and missions focused

  • Bible knowledge is required


Have No Fear—Share Your Faith

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Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit urging you to share the Gospel with someone but were too afraid to do so? You are not alone. In fact, fear is the most common reason people don’t share their faith. Some fear that sharing the Gospel would ruin relationships. Some fear that they will not be able to answer questions. Still others fear looking stupid. Sadly, some people don’t share the Gospel because they don’t know the Gospel themselves. Others don’t share because they don’t know how. So what do we do when we feel the Holy Spirit urging us? We have two choices. We can panic and miss the moment, or be prepared to share our faith and watch God move. If you knew an easy way to share the Gospel, would you?

There are many equally effective ways to share your faith. Of course, there’s the favorite method of Child Evangelism Fellowship—the Wordless Book. There’s the more bold method of The Way of the Master. Then there’s the simple approach of a ministry called Evangelism Explosion.

On a recent Saturday in May, Art Hallett, national director of prison ministry for Evangelism Explosion, trained a small group of CEF employees, interns and youth in a simple way to share the Gospel. There are five basic main points. These points are easily memorized and the only tool you need is your hand.

  • Heaven is a free gift. It is not earned or deserved (thumb).

  • Man is a sinner and he cannot save himself (pointer finger).

  • God is a merciful God and he does not want to punish us. But God is just and must punish our sins (tallest finger).

  • Jesus is both God and man. He died on the cross and rose again from the dead. He paid the penalty for our sin and purchased a place for us in Heaven (ring finger).

  • Faith is not just head knowledge, nor is it temporary faith. True saving faith is trusting in Christ alone for eternal life (pinky).

  Each point is strengthened with scripture and personal life stories that will speak to the issues the individual is facing. Maybe you already know a way to share your faith. That’s great! But there is no harm in knowing more than one way. Learning a new way can make sharing the Gospel fresh and new.

The next time you feel the Holy Spirit urging you to tell the person next to you about God, have no fear. Remove the words, “I don’t know how to share my faith” from your vocabulary, put the concepts you learned here into practice and watch God move.


Children Fill the Streets of Camp Good News in Maine

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CGN_LOGO_WO_TAG_LINEZechariah wrote these hopeful words as he looked forward to the coming kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ: “This says the LORD of hosts: ‘old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each one with his staff in his hand because of great age.  The streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets” (Zechariah 8:4-5, NKJV).

The two most vulnerable age groups, the elderly and the children, will have both safe and happy lives when our Lord Jesus rules.  We get a little taste of that life here at Camp Good News every summer.  Our “streets” are full of boys and girls, laughing and learning in a safe place. And we do have a few “old men and old women” who get to sit at least for a few moments every day, and enjoy that great blessing.

The streets of the cities and towns where those kids are growing up are not like Camp Good News. Our goal at camp is to provide a place where children have fun, are safe, and can learn of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This past Sunday, I spoke at a little church in southern Maine. I was thanked by a number of parents whose kids absolutely love Camp Good News. I get the kind of feedback in just about every church I am in. For most of our church kids Camp Good News is a highlight of their year, and a great supplement to a Christian home, and a good local church.

But there are many others who also love Camp Good News, and do not come from Christian homes, or good local churches.  For those children, Camp Good News is crucial to their spiritual lives.  Many of those children come to know the Lord Jesus here at camp, and many of those children also learn to walk with Him in the light of His Word, right here at camp.  And many of those kids would not be here without the generous help of our supporters.

Every year we sponsor dozens of children, some partially, and some fully.  In order to receive a scholarship, one of a child’s parents must write me a short note explaining why their child needs a scholarship.  I wish all of you could read those notes.  Parents often speak of a child’s great love for Camp Good News and of the great impact it has had on their lives.  I am sure that at times we are taken advantage of, but all the same that child would not get to camp without a scholarship.

O June 18, I will move to my cabin at Camp Good News and remain there, Lord willing, until August 15.  I will have the great privilege of serving our Lord in this ministry to children, and I will also have a few moments each day to sit on my porch and watch and listen as children are “Playing in the streets” of Camp Good News.  What a joy, and what a blessing that is.

We thank Him for His provision,

John Romano, State Director, CEF of Maine


French Guiana is Now Open!

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French_Guiana_BDAmazing things can happen when God is burdening hearts. Interest in starting a ministry inspired Myron Tschetter, North American/Caribbean Regional Director, and Guy Pierre from Haiti to travel to French Guiana with the purpose of establishing and training a national board. The trip wasn’t without its difficulties but God burdened hearts and a board was trained. Three of the board members attended the Leadership Conference in November and announced CEF had been officially registered with the government.

Just this past February Guy Pierre and Rodia Chavennes and a CEF trained worker who moved to French Guiana conducted TCE and as a result there are now two Good News Clubs! Plans are in the making for 2 more TCE classes. In fact, there is a waiting list of people who want to be trained! The board is praying and actively looking for at least two workers to lead the charge for ministry. In May French Guiana was officially declared open for ministry at our International Conference. Praise God for all that has happened in a very short amount of time.


Bermuda Good News Club Sets Sail

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Bermuda_GNC_webIt is so exciting to see how God has answered prayer in Bermuda! It seemed there were many ups and downs with establishing a ministry there. Several teams who helped lay the groundwork found it wasn’t easy sailing and yet there seemed to be a glimmer of hope that ministry was possible. God began to burden hearts within the country and things started happening. God used the passion and burden of a blind lady to ignite a fire. She shared her passion and churches began to catch the vision that they were losing a generation of children. As a result just this past March a team from Florida trained 27 people and an After School Good News Club has started with a first time attendance of 35 children! So far 15 children have come to know the Lord. Not only that, God is using a man to contact all the principals to pave the way for more clubs. So far 9 principals are committed to having clubs in their schools, and he is contacting churches to see what school they would like to adopt. He is also actively looking for persons to serve on the board. Praise God for working in hearts and allowing the ministry in Bermuda to set sail!



Prayer DOES Change Things

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Florita_Kentish_web“It is amazing what God is doing”. Those are the words of Florita Kentish, Good News Club teacher, chairperson of the national board and presently coordinating the ministry in Anguilla. She told us about a 10 year old boy in her after school club who told one of the teachers that he wanted to be a “gangster”. He said he wanted people to work for him and make him lots of money. As you can imagine he also caused a lot of disturbance in club. The teachers decided to make him an urgent matter of prayer. The next week he was saying some very disturbing things about God and was told there was no place for that in Good News Club. After the club was over Mrs. Kentish took him aside to talk with him and encourage him. When the principal saw it she pulled her aside and said, “You don’t know about that boy and the things he says, the curse words he uses, cursing even me.” Mrs. Kentish assured her that they were praying for this young man.

The next club time after the Bible lesson had been taught several children responded. This young man was one who truly gave his heart to the Lord. Mrs. Kentish said, “We look forward to wonderful things happening in that school and in all the schools in Anguilla.” Prayer really does change things!


Neil and Rita Wockenfuss

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Ministry Representatives with Global Partnership Ministry

Neil grew up in a Christian home and at age ten trusted Christ as Savior at Camp Good News. At age 13 Neil told the Lord he would do anything God wanted. He was involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship during his teen years, teaching 5-Day Club during the summers and Good News Club during the school year.

Read more: Neil and Rita Wockenfuss


God Protects Literature

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It's amazing how God uses literature across the globe, and sometimes even protects it. An entire stock of CEF literature was being housed in an apartment block in a war-torn country. This spring during heavy fighting, the building was hit with a bomb, destroying everything, except the room where the literature was!

A CEF missionary in Latin America shared: "We had been waiting a couple of weeks for our turn to come since the customs agency that was helping us with the paperwork process had to inspect the boxes with a government customs official. We were worried about not getting it inspected in a timely fashion and having to pay extra storage fees. That morning they informed us they started the inspection. A couple hours later the inspector sent me an email asking if he could have copies of The Wonder Devotional Book for each of his children. (Of course we said, "Yes!") That afternoon the shipment was cleared for release, which was record time, and I like to think it was God's doing in putting the right agent on this task!


Childlike Faith Inspires

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DarriusDarrius joined Good News Club this past fall. He entered the room like a deer in headlights, questioned everything and looked confused by everything we did. He brought his own lunchbox, sat in his seat and set out his own snacks for himself. When I explained he didn’t need to because we were giving out snacks, he was astounded. “Wow, you guys give us snacks every week?”

At first I wasn’t sure what to make of Darrius. It was hard to tell if he had any faith background at all as he often seemed bewildered. But he was that way even about where to sit, etc. I just wasn’t sure.

After 3 weeks or so, Darrius bopped into club announcing that this was his favorite part of the week. When listening to the Bible story he often leaned over and asked me questions which I had to defer to our small group time. Early in the year he prayed with Miss Sheila and then we went over First Steps together in small group a couple of times.

One day Miss Angie was talking about prayer, explaining it was our way to talk to God and that we should do it. His hand shot up. Miss Angie called on him and he said to her, “But I don’t know how to pray.” She explained the basics and then told him I would tell him more in small group which was exactly what I did. We talked about asking for forgiveness, praising God for who He is, giving thanks and asking God to help us or people we know. He listened with rapt attention.

The very next week, he darted into the classroom, ran up to me and said, “Miss Jenn, Miss Jenn, guess what? I PRAYED.” He was so proud that he had applied what he had learned and he promised to keep doing it.

Getting a Good News Club T-shirt was another gift that Darrius could not fathom we would be giving him. He often wears it to club and when he doesn’t, he frowns and tells me he can’t believe he forgot. Along with his T-shirt he received a Bible. We wrote his name in it and he proudly brings it to club always wanting to follow along during the Bible story. He has shared with me that his uncles came to visit and he read parts of the Bible to them that we had been learning about. He is incredibly earnest and upon arrival at club usually wants to say the memory verse to me to show that he has learned it.

One day when we were learning a new verse he was having a hard time remembering it while the other boys seemed to be racing through. He raised his hand and shared how when he was in first grade he was run over by a car and was in the hospital for a long time. He added that he has a lot of screws in his leg holding it together. He also explained that because of the car accident, “My memory isn’t so good so that is why I have a hard time and need extra help in school.” Now, we always make sure we underline the verse for the day in his own Bible so he can review it and find it again and again.

Last week, Miss Angie asked if anyone ever felt a little scared to tell someone they follow the Lord Jesus. Seeing that some of his fellow clubbers were nodding yes, he sat there with a look of disbelief as to why someone would ever not admit to knowing Jesus. In small group he often talks about who he could tell about Jesus and His love for them. He mentions different family members, school friends and neighbors.

His love for Jesus is so pure and sincere and God has used that childlike faith to inspire me. You never know who will be your Darrius. What a gift.