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Why not take a few minutes and be encouraged in God's Word today?  A new edition of Today's Hot Scripture - September 19, 2016

Look What God Has Done! New CEF Ministry Results

Eastern Zambia Opened for Children’s Ministry

By Joyce Kaoma, National Director

The Lord has opened doors to ministry in the Eastern Province of Zambia. For three years in a row, CEF Zambia has been able to do ministry in Katete, 842km from Luanshya, the headquarters. Katete is centrally located in the East and other towns in the province have been able to benefit because of the programs which have been conducted there.

JoyceZuluThis province is the headquarters for Islam in Zambia. Apart from Islam, the people have traditions like Gule Wamukulu and Nyau dances. The girls get married as early as 12 years old and the boys are given out to cattle owners by their parents to watch over the cattle owners' animals. After an agreed period of time the parents of the boy will be given a cow. Meanwhile the child would have become too old to start school in grade 1. This means some of both girls and boys in this area don't go to school. Those who go to church are highly religious.

CEF Zambia has trained 70 teachers beginning in 2014 in Katete. Out of those ten  students came from the surrounding towns. Over 20,000 boys and girls have been reached just in this area. The challenge is that it is not easy for them to send in the reports because they are in the rural area of Zambia.

With the training programs which we have had there, it is reported that there has been a lot of transformation in the villages and schools in Katete. As children get saved, behavior change is being seen in the lives of the children. The parents are being witnessed to by their children and some of them are now sending their children to school. Early marriages have reduced and those involved in traditional evil practices are slowly shunning the ideas.

The community at large is happy about what is happening in the Good News Clubs which have been opened in that area.

Dorothy Mwale, a participant in the recent training in Katete, was excited about training because she said she didn't know who God is. She thought God was a kind of air which moves in the open space. But to know that God is the Creator, love, holy and lives in Heaven, opened a new chapter for her in her Christian life. Now if an adult can say that, what about the children who have not heard the true Gospel.

On the right is Joyce Zulu who did training last year in March. After training Joyce led her father, her two children and her nephew to the Lord. She also led her fellow choir members to Christ. Joyce is very hard working and has opened three GNCs with 97, 58 and 92 children respectively. She is very excited to be used of God.

May the Lord Give Us Tears

Acquaye Richard 2By Richard Acquaye
Regional Director, West and Central Africa

How heavy is your burden for the lost child? Where are the tears that reveal the burden?

Ephesians 2:1-3 gives a terrifying description of the condition of unsaved souls. This description is not exclusively for an adult, but includes that of lost children too. The passage lists four conditions of the lost.

They walk:

1.    According to the world system--the evils that run like streams through the whole world.
2.    According to the will of Satan.
3.    In the lust of the flesh.
4.    By nature as children of wrath.

That the lost child lives according to the will of Satan is something that should create a very serious burden in our hearts and draw tears to our eyes. Why? Because it is clear that people without Christ are under the control of the Devil. According to this passage, in times past we walked according to the Prince of the power of the air; The spirit that now works in the children of disobedience.

Is this any wonder that unbelievers behave the way they do? Also, 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 reveals further the condition of lost souls. It states thus, "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."

This condition is yet one that should deepen our concern and bring tears to our hearts. Are you thinking about eternity? Then the thought of these precious little ones being lost and thrown into hell must agitate our hearts. Hell? Yes. That is the destiny of the lost in eternity. It must be very clear to us that the salvation of the children is a serious spiritual battle. Only the person with the correct understanding and carrying the right burden will throw their all to fight upon their knees with bleeding hearts.
We have an encouragement in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 which says, "For though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh, For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of the strong holds, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ."
The enemy would like to keep these souls including the children in his bondage for eternity in Hell.
Elizabeth Naka  (not her real name) came to me one day in West Africa and said, "Please help me for I don't know what to do. None of the children in my Good News Club® have received the Lord even though I have been teaching and giving the invitation. Why do they not respond to the invitation?" My response to her concern was simply this, "Have you ever prayed for these children with tears and a real burden? A burden that is informed by your commitment to the fact that you do not want any of them to go to Hell?''

She said "No!" I told her to go and begin to do that and see what God would do. Three weeks later she saw me and she started shouting "It works... it works...!!!" I asked her what works? She said after the counsel she received from me, she went home and started to spend time seriously praying for each child by name. Lifting each to Heaven by name several times unknowingly developed such a heavy burden in her heart, that she said she wept all through her times of prayer. During the weeks that followed, the children started coming to her house at different times. Why?  Each child came with the question about how could he be saved. And she had the opportunity to lead the over thirty children to the Lord at during these times. Yes, praying with a deep burden works! How heavy is your burden and where are your tears?
Never was there a time when there was a greater need for men and women of passion, men and women of principle, men and women of the Holy Spirit, men and women with true burden in their hearts in the service of our Lord for the children than it is now!
In  2002 and 2003 Reese Kauffman lead a team to visit the work in West Africa. While in Ghana, we planned for them an excursion to the Elmina Castle, a historic site where the slaves were kept before being shipped to the West. As we arrived, we discovered that around the castle were several children selling all kinds of souvenirs. Each child, boys and girls alike had their addresses written out on pieces of papers, some on sea shells. Why did they write their names? They were each seeking for pen pals amongst the tourists!  Meanwhile the castle guards had a very busy time trying to keep them away from the visitors. Children ranging from ages from 7 to 18, were milling around selling and seeking pen pals. On our way back to Accra in the car I heard someone on the back seat crying. Looking into the rear view mirror I noticed it was Reese crying! His eyes were red and soaked with tears. Why was Reese weeping? God had caused his eyes to open such that he was concerned about the eternal destiny of the children we had left behind at the castle. Reese saw the condition of these spiritually starving children--children in bondage of the devil and needing salvation.
That burden the Lord gave to Reese resulted in Child Evangelism Fellowship® sending thousands of correspondence lessons to this area of Ghana. Ever since children and schools in the Cape Coast region where this castle is located have been reached and tens of thousands of children have come to faith in Christ.  A year later Reese was there to see the result of that genuine burden and the tears of the previous year. How heavy is your burden for the lost children—and where your tears?
Oh how I pray that current terrible condition of the child in our world today might create a fresh new burden, renew or rekindle the vision God gave us for their salvation. O Lord, give us tears in our hearts. O Lord, increase our burden for these children in captivity.

Hope Against Circumstances

Burundi has been in world news headlines since April. The political unrest covered the land with a cloud of death and hopelessness. Many people died and many more fled the country. We had to close our Good News Club, schools were closed and everything seemed hopeless. Children were so fearful and needed something to cling on. Despite the circumstances there was still hope, hope in God. God wanted us here for a time like this to give hope.

Before closing our Good News Club a child asked Eva and me to which ethnic group we belonged as they were being instructed not to go to the house of those who are not of their ethnic group. How wonderful it was to explain to him that in Christ as believers we all belong to the family of God and our ethnic affiliations do not matter much anymore. We feared that Burundi was drifting back into ethnic divisions again but despite the circumstances there was still hope. Hope in God who is in control of situations.

The situation seemed to get from bad to worse; we had to close our GNC but trainings still went on against all odds. Despite the hard time, people applied for TCE (Teaching Children Effectively) trainings. We trained people at our CEF center in spite of interrupted sessions due to gunshots from all over in town. In 2015 we took part in training 1,128 teachers in Bujumbura and upcountry in both TCEs and Super Seminars.Even then there was still hope.

Every time we had opportunity to go out in the neighborhood children were eager to hear us tell them Bible stories and give them hope. We told them stories of Daniel, Joseph, and David and showed them how much God cared for anyone whose trust is in Him and He still cares for His children no matter the circumstances. We printed carry over activity sheets and a verse to remember “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” (Isaiah 26:3), then distributed them to children along the way and asked them to memorize the verse and recite it when afraid. We had a kind of GNC on the road.

As God promises in Philippians 1:6, the Lord would carry on the good work He started to reach children of Burundi despite the circumstances. We organized rallies but in the outskirts of Bujumbura. Children needed something to cling to during this time of great despair. The demand to teach children the Word of God increased, but the enemy was at work too. The situation got even worse and many times we could not leave the house for days. But there was still hope.

Finally this February 20, 2016 we were able to hold a rally where 703 children attended. The rally took place in the village of Mbirira in the outskirts of Bujumbura and 219 children were counseled for salvation while many others were counseled on how to deal with the fear that has crippled many. Knowing that God is in charge no matter the circumstances and there is hope was what these children needed at this time.

—David and Eva Rehani

Refugee Crisis Presents Opportunities to Share Jesus

According to the United Nations that by the end of 2016 there will be around 4.7 million refugees from Syria and another 13.5 million displaced from their homes within the country.

This dispersion of people results in many opportunities to share Jesus with people who may have never had a chance to hear of Him.

One young lady named Amena* is moving all around the immigrant camps using CEF materials in ministry. She has met children who have lost their fathers in war, and among them children who lost their mothers. A common thing among these children is that all of them fear any sounds like bombs and air explosions. One boy had not been able to sleep easily, but through hearing the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm he found that Christ gives him peace and so he placed his trust in Jesus Christ. The next time the children met, the boy testified that he slept easily and peacefully and he no longer has nightmares. The boy also encouraged children that he knows to believe on Jesus Christ who can “kick their fear out.”

Syrian believers who are immigrants have taken CEF training and are reaching their own people with the Gospel in Sweden, Germany, Austria and America. Among them is Souzan who started a Good News Club with 20 Syrian children in New Jersey. Zeinah, in Germany, hasn’t settled in a city yet but she is visiting other immigrants and telling them the story of The Wordless Book which she keeps with her. She has been surprised that the stubbornness toward hearing of Jesus which filled the hearts before war has almost disappeared.

In Northern Sweden Tarek and Aseel are using their talents in drama in teaching children. Having taken Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 they are able to apply biblical teaching in role plays and deliver the message of salvation to children. They have gained a good reputation among churches in Sweden, where they have been able to organize programs for Syrian immigrants.

Victor is ministering among Syrian children in refugee camps, using what he has learned in CEF training. Children and parents are coming to Jesus. Among the children there was a child who impressed Victor as he prayed powerfully of his stress and need for someone who can take away his burden. The boy found that in Jesus. Another child, age 11, wished that his father would have accepted Jesus before dying in war and asked whether someone can go and tell him about Jesus in the tomb (according to traditions). The minister replied honestly that this couldn’t happen, but that he could tell his mother, his elder sister, his relatives and friends. He returned the following week with three boys who wanted to know more about Jesus.

The refugee crisis is a crisis indeed—but it is also an open door to tell others of Jesus.

*All names have been changed.

All New Song Demonstrations

The Creative Services department at CEF International Headquarters strives to produce high-quality material that suits the needs of missionaries and field staff around the country and around the world. Over the past few years the department has worked to provide lesson and song demonstrations to aid teachers in preparing to teach Good News Club, 5-Day Club, Camp Good News and other children’s programs. But recently there has been an exciting change in the production of the song demonstration videos.

Our desire is to help children retain the concepts and verses taught through music. Therefore, the song demonstrations formerly designed for teachers to learn song motions are now child-friendly music videos. Teachers will still be able to use the videos to learn the song motions, but now they will be exciting for children too. The music videos will include animations, camera movement, exciting backgrounds and all-around fun. The lyrics will appear on the screen so children (and teachers) will be able to sing along as they watch and learn the motions.

We are very excited about the debut of these new music videos in One Way, the 5-Day Club curriculum for 2016. Keep an eye out for these new music videos at They’re coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek.

A Boom for Missions – Early Retirees Making a Difference

Volunteer-EarlyRetireeBoomers represent approximately a quarter of the population of the United States and they are making a big difference during their retirement years. Those born after World War II and before the Vietnam War make up the generation known as the Baby Boomers and they have become the largest group of volunteers in American history. Many want to go beyond writing a check and roll up their sleeves to get involved in the work of world evangelization.

CEF has a full spectrum of volunteer ministries both at our headquarters in Warrenton, Missouri and at our local offices across the country. Many of the boomers are highly skilled, highly mobile and able to contribute their time and talent to helping spread the Gospel to EVERY CHILD . . . EVERY NATION . . . EVERY DAY. With work in countries around the world, there is a need for people who can participate in virtually every aspect of the work.

Those with experience in Information Services and Data Analysis can work alongside our team of dedicated professionals to complete important projects which help us make strategic decisions that can maximize the fruitfulness of ministry. Others can utilize their skills in Graphic Arts, Creative Writing, or Editing to help produce materials to equip teachers around the globe to be able to share the Gospel with millions of children each year. Boomers who have knowledge of the Printing Industry can help in our production facility which produces CEF materials, IMPACT magazine and informational literature about the ministry of CEF. There are also great opportunities in Food Service, Office Administration, Shipping and Building and Grounds. Regardless of your job experience, there is a place for you to serve and help. You will be part of what God is doing in reaching over 20 million children each year with the life-changing message of the Gospel.

For those who would like to commit more than a few days or a month, there are regular opportunities to engage in direct ministry with children, reach kids for Christ in public elementary schools and assist our chapters in reaching their communities for Christ. Whether you volunteer at home or travel to our headquarters, you can be guaranteed an opportunity to engage in ministry that is making a difference both here at home and abroad.

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit our website at You’ll be glad you invested time to impact eternity.

Good News Across Jamaica!

P2260212It’s a great time to be thinking about Jamaica! Sand… Blue crystal clear ocean waters… Palm trees swaying… As you get that sunny picture in your mind use it to remind you to pray for this upcoming outreach.

Good News Across Jamaica (GNAJ) has been in the planning stages for over a year. The groundwork has been done and the volunteers are being gathered to reach four parishes. There are many  details to work out with 30 volunteers coming from the region!

There will be much arranging of housing and transportation, raising of finances, and planning of follow up.

There will be 50 churches who will partner to adopt a school and begin a Good News Club®. The plan is for eight volunteers from each church (400 needed) to be trained and teach the ongoing clubs. The Caribbean leadership and training teams  have been thanking God for this opportunity and committing it to Him with trusting hearts to watch what He will do.

God has been doing marvelous things through the groundwork and preparation and we can’t wait to see what He will do during the actual event. The teacher training team arrives on February 25 to conduct a weekend training seminar.  Demonstrations of a Good News Club will take place the next week in the 50 schools for the church volunteers to observe. This ministry has the opportunity to transform the children and families of Jamaica in unprecedented ways.

Pray for ministry in Jamaica.
• Ask God for many Good News Clubs to be established as a result of GNAJ.
• Pray that the volunteers would become further involved in CEF ministry after this experience.
• Ask God for a new national director as Millicent Campbell is retiring.

CEF Leaders Visit Answers in Genesis

aig logoRecently our President Reese Kauffman and Vice President USA Ministries Moises Esteves had the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with the leaders of Answers in Genesis. It was a wonderful day spent learning more about the ministry of Answers in Genesis, visiting the site of the soon-to-open Ark Encounter, and beginning to think about how we might work together for the sake of the boys and girls.

Since their inception, both CEF and Answers in Genesis have been committed to impacting the next generation for Christ. Both ministries are solidly committed to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. Answers in Genesis has a core commitment to “believing, defending, and proclaiming” the truth of six-day creation since it is the foundational truth upon which all other truths rest. CEF shares that commitment and has a core commitment to “a clear and Biblical presentation of the Gospel.” Certainly both the truth of creation and the message of the Gospel are under attack in our day, and both ministries share an unswerving commitment to God’s Word and the truths it contains.

Answers in Genesis offers parents and children the opportunity to see the Bible come alive in its Creation Museum, which is done with excellence and great care for accuracy to the biblical account. As you may know, the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis use 7 Cs to explain the world’s sinful condition and to present the biblical solution. These 7 Cs also serve as the storyline of the entire museum experience. Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation are presented masterfully. Soon the Ark Encounter will be another means of teaching children the truth of the Bible and letting them see the Bible come alive in a unique and wonderful way. CEF focuses on reaching unchurched children, and Answers in Genesis ministers to thousands of children each year who may be in church but are in danger of becoming part of a lost generation. It was a tremendous encouragement to see God’s blessing on Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum and to spend time with both Ken Ham and Mark Looy.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum, please plan a visit soon. If you have already been to the museum, we guarantee you will want to visit the Ark Encounter. The Lord will impact you and your family; you will be amazed at what you see. We also urge you to pray for the leadership of both ministries as we strategize on ways to work together for the sake of the Gospel and to evangelize the unchurched and help to disciple those who have already come to Christ.

Visit Answers in Genesis online at We are grateful for your fellowship in the Gospel and look forward to what the Lord has for us in the future.

Reese Kauffman and Moises Esteves
Child Evangelism Fellowship

Brand New Book Release!


Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day by Robert J. Morgan with Reese Kauffman

“Reading this excellent book has stirred my memory and reminded me what God can do in and through His people if only we will ‘trust and obey.’ This book is more than history…it is His-story!”

—Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe
Radio Bible Teacher, Author and Pastor

Author Robert J. Morgan, best-selling Gold Medallion Award winning writer, briefly highlights the advances of Child Evangelism Fellowship® by describing Reese Kauffman’s journey with the Lord and faithful service as president of CEF® for the past 26 years. 

Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day is available for purchase at