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A new app created in partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship and Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) has been introduced to help children better understand and learn from the Bible. Faith Comes By Hearing has a long history of promoting Bible engagement for a younger audiences, this technically innovative ministry is excited to announce the release of the KIDZ™ app. The new app uses beautifully illustrated stories to encourage kids to spend more time learning from the Bible. While more content will be added, the initial release contains these New Testament stories:

  • Birth of Jesus

  • Jesus is Baptized

  • A Feast for 5,000

  • Jesus Heals a Blind Man

  • Jesus Enters Jerusalem

  • Crucifixion

  • An Empty Tomb

Children can also build puzzles, color pages and complete memory verse games to earn points that allow them to build their Armor of God. Based on Ephesians 6, they work to unlock achievements for the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith and the belt of truth. While kids are having fun playing, they are also increasing their knowledge of Scripture. The initial releases are in English and Arabic. Currently these apps are exclusively available for iPad, so you will only be able to rate and review them from a computer or an iPad. Android and online versions are coming soon.



New National Coordinator of Anguilla Named

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Florita_Kentish_webFlorita Kentish is the new national coordinator of Anguilla. Florita attended part of Children's Ministries Institute in September and is excited about the ways God is changing lives of boys and girls in the Good News Clubs. Recently the board had a retreat and used a large map of the island marking all of the schools and praying strategically for each one. They prayed as well for a national coordinator and God answered!


Meet the Mancillas

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MancillaMatias and Rebekah Mancilla have been recruited by Abner Pineda, regional director of Latin America, to serve as the missionary directors for Puerto Rico. Matias and Rebekah have entered into a one-year internship with CEF of Franklin/Fulton counties Pennsylvania.

Matias shares, “My mother invited me to help her with a Good News Club, and when I saw the children being saved that day, I knew I had to become involved.”

Rebekah was involved as a Christian Youth In Action instructor during college. This was so rewarding that she decided to pursue ministry through Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Matias served five years with CEF Argentina as a volunteer with Good News Clubs. Since 2011 he has been serving in our local chapter in Pennsylvania doing Good News Clubs and Camp Good News. Rebekah has five years of ministry with CEF in Franklin/Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania working in Good News Clubs, directing Camp Good News and contributing to monthly teacher training classes.

Please pray for the Mancillas as they raise their prayer and support team. Their goal is to have 50 percent of their financial support raised by Christmas.


Celebrating Open Doors for Ministry!

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Tschetters_and_Kelron_webThere is now active ministry in every country of the North America/Caribbean Region! Child Evangelism Fellowship now has active ongoing ministry in a total of 190 nations with 17 left to open.  

During the International Board of Trustees meetings earlier this month the opening of the Caribbean nation of Turks & Caicos was announced. U.S.-sent missionaries Sean and Mandi Miller have committed to a four-year term to build a foundation for the ministry there and seek a national director to lead the work. 

It was anticipated that Bermuda, the final country in the North America/Caribbean Region, would open later this autumn. Last week Regional Director Myron Tschetter reported on his recent trip to Bermuda. Twelve attended the board training and nine agreed to join the national board. Two Good News Clubs were scheduled to begin last week. A believer in Bermuda contacted each elementary school and is encouraging churches to adopt a school. He is planning to hold Christian Youth In Action next summer and is looking for an office for CEF. With ministry goals in place and a potential national director, Bermuda is off to a great start and is now considered an open country.  

A celebration of praise to God for this great accomplishment was held on October 16 at International Headquarters during the (USA) State Leadership conference. Two national directors were present from the region: Kelron Harry of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Florita Kentish of Anguilla.  

Kelron shared, “Today I am very happy to be a part of this event celebrating the opening of the entire North America/Caribbean region.  I am proud to be a Caribbean man and a part of the CEF family.  Why? If you know the Caribbean, you will know that it consists of many but very small islands that could easily be considered insignificant and inconsequential relative to the larger regions.  But, however small we are there are many children living on these islands and CEF has not overlooked them. It delights my heart that CEF has now entered every country in the Caribbean and thus has remained true to its words: EVERY CHILD EVERY NATION, EVERY DAY.”  

Former regional directors Steve and Kris Groome, and current regional directors Myron and Nita Tschetter took part in the special event giving God glory and telling of the many milestones along the way. Mark Robb, project manager for CEF of Florida also shared as teams from the state played a strong role and continue in training partnership with CEF of Bermuda.  

CEF is grateful for your prayers with us in the great task ahead as we seek to be Around the World in 80 Years—by 2017.


A Call to Stand Firm and Move Forward

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Richard_AcquayeWars are going on all around and persecution of Christians in various countries is in the news. In West Africa, countries that had experienced wars are now faced with the Ebola epidemic. Mark 8:34-35 bids us as Christian workers to take a fresh look at our call to prove our faith by our lives. In verse 34 the Word of God says that Jesus called to the crowd and His disciples and told them if anyone wants to come after Him he must take up his cross and follow Him. The crowd and the disciples had moved with the Lord, they heard the various sermons, saw the miracles and even were among the people who ate the five loaves of bread and the two fish.

The disciples were specially chosen by Jesus Christ after He had spent time in prayer. The crowds were prayed for and they responded to the "follow me" call of the Lord. These two groups of people were all challenged to take up their cross and follow the Lord. Luke's account in Luke 9:23 says take up the cross daily and follow Him, the symbol of the cross meaning being willing to be nailed to our own cross to die daily in our obedience to share His Good News, the Gospel.

The story is told of a small party of missionaries who were invited to go to Tibet at a time when missionary activity was forbidden there. They were told their task was to help stem the tide of a plague that was raging out of control. When the plague was over, the government asked the missionaries to leave. But these servants of Christ felt a responsibility to minister to the souls of the Tibetans as well as to their bodies. The authorities threatened to kill them, but the fear of death did not deter them from their purpose. They stayed on.

One night the Tibetans encircled their house with flaming torches. They began dancing around in a wide circle, ever diminishing in size seeking to achieve their aim of setting the place ablaze. The missionaries fell to their knees in prayer, and became so intent as the wild chanting came closer that they never realized it had ceased. When they arose, the mob had dispersed, and they were allowed to remain.

Years later, one of their converts told them that he had been in the circle, and that they had every intention of burning the missionaries to death in their house. However, as they approached the dwelling, there stood before the door a figure in white apparel holding a flaming sword. They fled in fright. And thus the door was opened for the Gospel in Tibet, because of the faith of those who were willing to die at any time for the Lord. Are you, dear fellow worker, ready to die for the cause?

If any of the challenges facing many Christians around us should knock at our door what will be our response? Yes, when the time comes, the Lord will give us the grace to go through it. But these challenges may not come our way when we are fishing in "shallow waters" of ministry. Mark 8:35 says whosoever shall lose his life for Christ's sake and the Gospel's the same shall save it.

How do we measure how deep we are in the ministry? Do we see our burden for the salvation of the children increasing and, as such, do we spend more time in prayer trusting the Lord to show us how He would want us to approach the lost children with His Gospel in the face of the various challenges? Do we see our drive and desire for the worldly things, recognition and praises from men, on the decrease or on the increase? What is it that brings us the best satisfaction in CEF®? Will you continue to reach children if you have no title in CEF?

Like a fish out of water longing and fighting to go back to the water, would you look for ways to reach the children? We need to stand firm and continue to reach the children no matter what the cost.

By Richard Acquaye, West and Central Africa Regional Director


Meet Chris Kallal, Director of Camp Good News Illinois

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Chris_Kallal_webChris Kallal, comes to Child Evangelism Fellowship of Illinois with a 14 year camp ministry background, serving in both Christian and other camp ministries around the state. This was Chris' first summer serving as Camp Good News Acting Director. The Lord gave us a great first summer for Christ with over 251 children who came to our 7 weeks of overnight camp, plus another 230 children who attended our Day Camp week of "Vacation Bible Camp" held at Camp Good News. Altogether, we had 8 weeks of camp ministry reaching over 481 children with the Gospel and 61 children trusted in Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In July, Chris stepped down from full-time employment as an  elementary school teacher to assume the Camp Director position with Camp Good News full-time as a CEF of Illinois missionary. We are so thankful for all that God has done in leading and guiding us every step of the way in providing for us our new Camp Director and we want you to meet him!

Learn more about Chris and Camp Good News:

  •  Listen to his recent interview with Katrina Forseth, State Director, on CEF of Illinois' radio ministry, Telling Future Generations.

Part One--Chris Kallal Radio Interview

Part Two--Chris Kallal Radio Interview


Seeing Former Good News Club Kids in Ministry Is a Joy

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MM1These past few months, I was thinking of how the Lord chose me to work for Him. I realized how much He loves me and trusts me to share His love to all of His creation. Many times, I meditate His Word and His faithfulness, and I teach myself to trust Him in everything I do. I thank God for what He has done in my life. Thank God for His provision and protection every day. I cannot go on without Him. He is my helper, provider and my guide.

People in my home country were shocked when I applied for my first passport and wrote on the application form: “OCCUPATION: Missionary.” They asked: “What do you mean about missionary?”  

Yes, it is strange for them as we always think “missionaries” are the people from other countries. Here in South Africa, they were amazed when I said “I am a missionary from Madagascar.” They asked, “Do we need missionaries here in South Africa?”  MM_young_web

Everywhere in the world, there will always be an opportunity for a missionary to share the Good News of Jesus.  

A missionary is someone who shares the Good News to all creation. I enjoy being a full- time CEF missionary for 21 years, eight years in my own country, Madagascar, and 13 years in South Africa. During those years, many boys and girls were reached. Last year I had an opportunity to meet four adults who were in my Good News Club as children, and today they are active Good News Club teachers. Praise the Lord. What a joy to see children grow and become mature in Christ.  

My first students to take Teaching Children EffectivelyLevel 1 back in 1994 are now mature men and women of God still serving with CEF. Many students from my past classes are still reaching boys and girls in their own countries. Now I am so happy that I've introduced one of my nieces to Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) in Madagascar. It has always been my heart’s desire that my nephews and nieces who were in my Good News Club would lead children to Christ one day. And guess what? ONE DAY arrived during August!  

MM_neice_2My niece Sariaka was in my Good News Club since her birth. In 2006 she visited during our three-month teacher training course. In 2012 she visited again during the same course and asked lots of questions. Then, she said someday she would take the training. This August, she began taking CEF training in CYIA. Sariaka is now leading children to Christ!

By Marie-Marthe Rasoanantenaina (South Africa)


Truth Chasers Club Does Impact the Lives of Our Students!

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The Truth Chasers Club is an exciting Bible correspondence club designed to disciple children and adults. In one particular series of lessons, God Cares For You! Lesson one asks the question, “Have you ever told anyone about Jesus? If so, tell us about it!” This is a response we received written in her own words.

“Yes, I have told someone about Jesus, my best friend. One day in class, we were talking about religion, and I told her I was a Christian. She asked me what it meant to be a Christian, and I told her how to be saved, and how God sent his only son Jesus to die on a cross for her, and for me. She started asking me other questions, and then finally, she told me she wanted me to help her ask God into her heart. Of course I did. Right afterwards, someone walked up to her and said, “You look different…Why are you so happy?” She told them, “I have God now.” I was so touched I started to cry, and she started crying too.J The next day I brought me Bible to school, and we read some parts that I thought were important. I am sooooo happy that my best friend got to know Christ.




Teachers in Bequia Appreciate Lessons

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Bequia_children_singing_songs_webBequia is a very small island which is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, but God is doing great things there! This summer, 5-Day Clubs were taught there and teachers have received training. During one of the 5-Day Club trainings three children came to know the Lord and a mom led her son to the Lord at home while practicing the Wordless Book!

Three Good News Clubs are active on this small island with as many as 30 children or more in each club. CEF missionaries John and Mary Hines used their sailboat to carry Teacher’s Packs which include lessons and visuals to Bequia. The teachers are so appreciative of these free lessons since they cannot afford to purchase materials or if they could buy them the shipping cost would be very expensive. The Good News Club teachers usually make a school bag for the children. This year they were delighted to be able to make 80 and include a Wonder Devotional Book in each bag! Several times in a letter written to John and Mary Hines the teachers said, “Thank you once again for all the materials that helped us a great lot. To God be the glory for all that was deposited in the lives of these children. Thanks for the training and the awareness of how important child evangelism is.”

By Nita Tschetter


Welcome Hyae Yung Kim

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Hyae_Yung_Kim_websizeJoin us in welcoming Hyae Yung Kim to International Ministries. Hyae Yung, a native Korean, has been serving as an illustrator in CEF Press for four years.

Read more: Welcome Hyae Yung Kim


Congratulations to Reese and Linda Kauffman on 25 Years of Ministry

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CEF International Headquarters staff and guests will honor Reese and Linda Kauffman for Reese's 25th year as CEF president. This special anniversary celebration has been organized by the CEF International Board of Trustees. Board members are preparing a wonderful program that will include many guest visitors as well as the musical group, This Hope. After the program there will be a special lunch.