Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

Meet the Staff

Welcome to the Good News Across America® staff page. God has blessed us with a wonderful staff and as they work together to serve you, you will quickly sense their hearts for ministry and for the Lord. As the project manager for Good News Across America, I am privileged to lead a team of dedicated men and women who help with the many details associated with an event this large. We are all excited about what the Lord is going to do in Milwaukee, and we are looking forward to working with you to reach many children and families for Christ. We thank God for you and the “fellowship in the Gospel” we will enjoy as we together strive to bring glory to God in Milwaukee the summer of 2017.

John Luck
Project Manager
Good News Across America


Paul Imig – Church Liaison/Volunteer Coordinator
I have been involved with CEF since I was a teenager. I have participated in the last 3 Good News Across America cities. I now work at the CEF Headquarters in Warrenton, MO helping promote, train, equip and support CEF missionaries around the world.

Beth Mowrer—Church Liaison

I began working with CEF through the Christian Youth in Action training in 2011. I loved being part of a ministry that made such an impact children all over the world. Starting in the fall of 2015, I served a year-long internship with CEF Headquarters in Warrenton, MO. I am now serving full-time at Headquarters and am excited for what God is going to do this summer.

Brendan Troost—Church Liaison/Team Building Week Coordinator

For the last nine years I’ve had the privilege to serve in this ministry. I was a summer ministry coordinator and a fundraiser in Florida for six years and served alongside John Luck and the GNAA team for three years. One fun fact is that I’ve been as missionary every year since I accepted Christ as savior.

Stephanie York – Assistant Team Building Week Coordinator
God threw CEF into my lap when I was 15 by my dad taking me and my sister to Good News Club to help him each week. After 5 years of Good News Club, two years of Christian Youth In Action and one year as an intern at CEF Headquarters I knew this is what God wanted me to do. I have served full-time at CEF Headquarters for the past three years and I am excited to be able to serve with you this summer.

Micah Heatwole – Intern
I have been involved with CEF through four years of Christian Youth in Action training as well as two Good News Across America campaigns in Portland OR, and Indianapolis IN.

John Beasley – Intern
I have been a part of CEF for the past 6 years. Starting when I was 13, I attended Christian Youth in Action for 5 years, and Good News Across America for 2, Portland ’14 and Indy ‘15. I also taught a Good News Club at and elementary school in Nebraska, where I live, for 5 years with my brother and 2 sisters.

Caleb Heatwole – Intern
I have been involved with CEF for about 6 years now. I have done four years of Christian Youth in Action training. I also have been a part of Good News Clubs and been to one Good News across America in Indianapolis. Now I am an intern and ready to serve.