Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

Where We’ve Been

Good News Across America began in Chicago in 2008. Since that first year, we have been to Little Rock, Boston, Salt Lake City, the Twin Cities, Denver, Portland, and Indianapolis. For 2017 we are focusing our efforts on reaching Milwaukee. No doubt a list of cities this diverse raises the question – how do you pick the cities? There are four criteria:


    • We look for a city where there is significant spiritual need. All cities have great spiritual need but the needs in Good News Across America cities particularly manifest themselves among the children. Most of the cities we have chosen have gangs, drugs, violence and high drop-out rates in the schools; these are an indication of great spiritual need.


    • We look for a city that has a significant population. Fifty percent of all children in the USA live in just the top 25 metro areas. The apostle Paul viewed Rome as a spiritual crossroads and a place that he must carry the Gospel. CEF also wants to target these crossroads cities which we hope will be a launching point for further ministry in the surrounding areas.


    • We look for a city that has a significant number of churches. Our goal is to partner with 30 Bible-believing evangelical churches in every target city. This gives us a great start in reaching the children and the public schools in each community.


  • We look for a place where there is significant opportunity to grow the ministry of CEF. Each of the areas targeted has been identified as one where there is huge untapped potential for ministry. Our prayer is that these efforts will jump start ministry in that city and be the catalyst for continued growth.