Stories from CEF

The Legacy of a Loving Teacher

Yvette views the children she works with as her very own and they know it. Yvette has worked with CEF of Ontario since 2008 and over the years she has seen amazing changes in the lives of her students and their families.

God Is So Good – An African Melody

Look in any hymnal and if the song “God is so Good” is there, it probably says in the author line that the song is an “African Melody.” The song was born in a very unique place.

God’s Plan for Me

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) has been a huge part of my life since I was a little boy. My childhood was difficult as my father left us when I was only nine months old, leaving my mother with six sons to raise alone.

CEF of Ukraine: Rebuilding After Fire

In 2016, early on the morning of October 1st, a fire broke out in the CEF camp center in Western Ukraine. It destroyed the upper floor and roof of the main building.

A Contagious Passion for God’s Word

As I taught the Mary Jones missionary story, Mary’s passion for God’s Word amazed the children in my club. They all wanted to know how they could get a Bible for themselves!

Give your testimony

Please share your story of how any of the ministries of Child Evangelism Fellowship® (Good News Club®, 5-Day Club®, etc.) impacted you as a child and how God is working in your life today as a result.