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A Normal Life and Death Tuesday

Jul 15, 2019 | First Impression

By Celia Brannon

Well, I told you so. I told you good things were happening through CEF® in Texas. I love being right.

I attended my first 5-Day Club yesterday on the southern edge of Fort Worth. I was greeted warmly by several very sweet ladies with a lot of energy. This was day one of their club although it was Tuesday, but there’s a good reason and one that’s a testament to their faithful persistence. The reason is that no one showed up to attend on Monday. They waited a couple of hours, but no one came to the club. Many people might have gone home and said there was no reason for them to go out in the Texas summer heat on Tuesday just to be let down again. But not these ladies.

Tuesday afternoon came, and fifteen children came with it! I had a little bit of an idea about how this might go since I had seen parts of CYIA camp a couple of weeks before. There would be rules, memory verses, a couple of songs and games, and a lot about sin and forgiveness packed in there too. They were clicking along as expected. Rules were covered. Songs, check. Prizes on hand, all set. There’s something called Word Up. When the leader said, “Word Up,” the kids answered back in unison, “Jesus forgives our sins.”

One of my favorite parts was when they were explaining what constitutes sin to the children. In these clubs, sin is explained as “bad thoughts, bad words and things we do that God doesn’t like” (complete with hand motions for the kinetic learner). One of the little girls offered something for us visual types to see in our heads when she asked, “so, it’s like there’s some dirt on the inside of us?” After a lot of discussion about this concept, we moved on to the topic of forgiveness. One child who was wise beyond her years said almost wistfully, “I just don’t know how it’s so easy for God to forgive all that ol’ stuff.” Children can be so simply profound.

There was a children’s version of an altar call. Several hands went up! Six children spoke with the teachers after the conclusion of the hour long activities. I was told that four of them accepted their gift of salvation that day. What if those club leaders had given up and not returned on Tuesday?

It was a normal Tuesday. A normal life and death Tuesday. I can’t help but wonder how many 5-Day Clubs were in progress on the same day around the world. I can’t even guess how many it might be. If each of them had four children who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior this week, how many souls is that?

Press on, even when no one shows up. God’s children are out there waiting.

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