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Some may wonder if childhood decisions for Christ really “stick.” Lynne Herlein is one of those who we refer to as “grown-up fruit” of CEF® ministry. She began attending a Good News Club® at the age of four.

Lynne said, “The first verse I remember learning was Joshua 1:9, which we learned as a song. I have been told that my grandma led me to the Lord in the GNC™, but I don’t remember that. What I do remember is attending Sunday school, where another CEF trained teacher taught the kindergarten students. When Mrs. Booker gave the invitation, I remained behind, and she counseled me and a little boy for salvation. I remember running up the steps and meeting my mom coming down and telling her I had just believed on Jesus as my Savior.”

When Lynne was 11 years old, she began attending CEF teacher training workshops at her church. Lynne never stopped. She taught 5-Day Clubs and Good News Clubs throughout her high school years, became a local CEF director and then CEF missionary in Kenya. Today Lynne is the Children’s Ministries Institute® director. She says, “It has been my delight to train individuals from all over the world to reach children I will never meet!”

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