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God Supplies the Need 

By Imoinda FortuneGuyana  

I teach a preschool Good News Club twice monthly. It costs about $5 US dollars to go to the GNC. One Tuesday I had no money to go, but I really wanted to be there. I called a taxi that I usually use and explained that I needed to be at club but did not have the money at present. I asked the driver if it was okay for me to pay him later when I got the money, and he said, “Yes”! When we got to the club, I began teaching the children, and they were so happy.   

As I was ending the club, two things happened that blessed me greatly. Twenty-two children gave their hearts to the Lord, and the head teacher came to me and said, “I have a blessing for you.” She gave me a hot dog to eat and $5 US dollars! I then told her how I had no money to come to GNC that morning, but I was praying that God would provide and how I still owed the taxi. We both rejoiced as we looked at how our God is so faithful if we can just trust Him! I called the taxi driver and told him to come for his money and how God had provided it for me. God has been faithful as I step forward in faith, trusting Him to make the impossible possible. 

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