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The 28 countries which make up the Middle East Region are among the most difficult places to take the Gospel.  The opposition is real, and the cost of sharing the Gospel is significant, but God is at work in wonderful ways. God has used your prayers and gifts to get the Good News to over 7 million children in the Middle East during the last 12 months. While the Good News Club® (GNC™) is one of the tools the Lord is using, there are two other programs we want to highlight. Christmas Across the Middle East Lands, known as CAMEL. The CAMEL outreach vividly illustrates the effectiveness of training workers. The only way to reach more children is to prepare more men and women to evangelize and disciple them. Through CAMEL, God enabled us to share the wonderful story called A Day to Remember. Set in Sri Lanka, the story tells of Chathuri, who as a little girl lost everything in the tsunami that struck her country. Chathuri went to a Good News Club held at a refugee camp for those impacted by the tsunami. There she heard the Gospel and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Others will long remember the tsunami as the day they lost all their possessions, but Chathuri remembers it as the day she heard of Jesus and was saved eternally. 

In many places in the Middle East, 280 staff worked tirelessly training believers to share the Gospel using this story. Some trainings were held in public places with many students, and others were held in secret because they were in sensitive countries, but when all was said and done 3,897 trainings had been conducted, equipping 57,536 teachers! These teachers committed to go into their communities and share the Good News through Christmas Party Clubs.   

God multiplied the impact of the 280 staff, and 162,996 Christmas Party Clubs were held throughout the Middle East. Over 5.8 million children heard of Jesus, and over 2 million were counseled for salvation. God always does exceedingly beyond what we could ask or think! 

A Better Life Booklet 

This little booklet was developed for the express purpose of sharing the Gospel in the thousands of refugee camps in the Middle East and other countries where refugees have fled. The book tells the story of Abraham, who was called to leave his country and go to a place he did not know. Like the refugees, he had to trust God. 

The booklet shares the Gospel using two languages — Arabic and the language of the country in which it is distributed.  

“One of the volunteers and I started our journey [to teach] a Christmas Party Club seminar 30 km away from our home. Halfway to the place, heavy rain stopped us. Books were safely covered by polythene, even though we got wet. After we prayed, the rain eased.  We managed to reach our destination and were surprised—20 teachers were waiting for us! Many of them were soaked.  It showed us how much they were thirsty for God’s Kingdom. God helped us to complete eight training sessions.” –S. 

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