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Teaching Children to Follow Christ 

By Sandy Bunch 


There is a meme on social media that says, “If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.” As a parent, my husband and I did our best to teach our children right from wrong; to always seek God in what they do, and live their lives as a witness to Who it is that lives within them. Unfortunately, many children do not have this guidance at home.  

If I asked you where these children get instruction on how to follow Christ, you might answer church, vacation Bible school, or Bible camp. Would you believe that children can learn how to follow Christ at school?  

Child Evangelism Fellowship® has been teaching children how to follow Christ through Good News Club® (GNC™)These clubs have been meeting in public schools since 2001. These clubs meet in schools in every state and every region around the world.  

The Good News Club of CEF of Greater Clarksville, Tennessee, is a great example of how this ministry impacts children.  

“Where do you go to church?” a teacher asked a child who attends the club. 

“Good News Club is my church,” the child replied.  

Without this ministry, this child might have never heard about the love of Christ. “What we teach in the Good News Club is the most important thing they’ll (students) learn in school all year,” a school teacher observed. 

Another child asked for prayer because her family lost their home due to a tornado and were living in a hotel. When the club prayed and collected money to meet the family’s needs, the child recognized the fact that not all people experience this kind of love. She said, “It’s good that it was our house that was destroyed by the tornado because we have so many people who love us.” 

Children learn about God’s love for them and their need for Christ. Many children who attend Good News Club come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and follow up with baptism in a local church. Sometimes these baptisms lead to entire families coming to know the Lord.  

In 2018, CEF of Greater Clarksville, Tennessee, saw 119 children come to know Christ as their personal Savior. About half of these children began attending church with their families regularly 

It is good to know that church, vacation Bible School, and Bible camps are not the only places where children can hear the Good News of Jesus’ love for them. Your children and others living in your neighborhood can be taught to follow Christ in a Good News Club near you. Visit CEF online to find the closest location. 

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