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Learn how to demonstrate the gospel as a parent and raise children in a godly way.

A Family Transformed

Apr 14, 2023 | The Harvest

During the summer, Luka and Irena Sema had the opportunity to lead six weeks of camps and proclaim the Word of God to children and teenagers. In these meetings there were also children who heard about Jesus for the first time. In one group, two brothers attended, and one of them was troublesome, and caused distractions. The other children, and some of the volunteers, demanded that he be excluded from the camp. The Semas advised him that he might have to leave if he didn’t change his behavior. He apologized, but unfortunately, nothing changed. When the camp ended, his mother came and told the Semas that her son was telling her everything he learned at camp. He discussed with his parents every topic he heard and told them about the miracles of Jesus. Because of this, the Semas and the boy’s family became friends and started spending time together.

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