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Bouncy Heart

Jan 12, 2024 | The Harvest

Diana Doyle, GNC Team Leader, CEF Virginia, Peninsula Chapter

In Good News Club® this year we had a delightful but energetic first grader. Each week she came bounding into club full of enthusiasm, bouncing from one table group to another, then wiggling and chattering through the Bible lesson and other club activities. I prayed God’s truths would get into her bouncy heart. During the last club of the year, each child received a Wordless Book wristband. As I explained God’s salvation plan through the colors, my bouncy first grader was as active and distracted as ever. The next week, while attending a school play, I spoke with a fifth grader from our GNC™. She was a teacher’s helper for my bouncy first grader’s class. She shared that a couple days after our final club, she entered the first-grade classroom to help and saw that bouncy first grader sharing the Gospel message with a friend using her Wordless Book wristband. God works, even in bouncy hearts!

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