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Learn how to demonstrate the gospel as a parent and raise children in a godly way.

By What Name?

Jul 14, 2023 | The Harvest

“We began a club in a remote village where voodoo is quite prevalent. After some weeks, the elders of the city came to us and asked, ‘By what power do you do these things with the children? We have been casting spells on you, but they are not working.’ The CEF missionaries proclaimed, ‘We come in the name of Jesus Christ, and we are not ashamed of the Gospel.’ Miraculously, we started a church in that village and the children were its first members! Without the help of SPAN support, I might have returned to the garage to practice my trade of sheet metal welding and automotive painting, only being able to continue in the ministry as a volunteer. SPAN is a powerful tool God uses for the survival and expansion of CEF ministry.” – Charles Menou, Benin 

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