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Crossing Barriers

Jul 14, 2023 | The Harvest

A few days before Christian Youth in Action® took place in Thailand, a CYIA™ leader was called away to aid in the search of a church member who was lost in the jungle. Director Korn needed to find a replacement co-leader for the CYIA-led club in Mae Kon. Atah, a 24-year-old pastor, and former participant in CYIA, was chosen to help. Upon his arrival, it was discovered that the children attending could not speak Thai. They were born outside of Thailand and only spoke the language of their home country. Atah was born in their homeland and lived there until he was eight, making him fluent in the language the boys and girls spoke. He was able to share the Gospel with the children and counseled one boy for salvation. God used a connection from CYIA to ensure the boys and girls in the club of Mae Kon could hear the Good News. 

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