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Perseverance and Provision

Oct 13, 2023 | The Harvest

Imagine walking between almost flooded rice paddies to go to the children, meeting a drunken man along the way, or being soaked in the rain to invite the kids. These were some of our Christmas Party Club experiences. But we were certain we were not alone, that our God was with us, and seeing children come to faith in Christ made it all worthwhile. How encouraging to witness God’s work in the hearts of the people. In one place, a grandfather volunteered to set up a big tarp to make shade for the children from the heat of the sun. At another club, we were gathered in a vacant lot when suddenly heavy rain started. People across the street offered us their garage and club went on. Our last club, with the greatest number of children, needed chairs. One by one, parents who brought their children left and came back carrying bamboo benches and plastic chairs. As for snacks and giveaways—God provided as people responded to a pastor’s request— like the grandmother who donated the money for her granddaughter’s birthday celebration and the four couples who chose not to do the usual gift exchange and instead sent money for Christmas Party Club.

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