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Learn how to demonstrate the gospel as a parent and raise children in a godly way.

Preparing the Called

Jan 12, 2024 | The Harvest

Jason, Children’s Ministries Institute® Graduate, Sri Lanka

The Children’s Ministries Institute® is all about how to train teachers to teach children in Good News Club®, Party Club, 5-Day Club® and more. Learning how to teach children effectively was so helpful. I enjoyed the instructors and learned many new things. In the first weeks, we learned important facts about children: age group characteristics, different religions, children at risk, and theology of child evangelism. We also had to demonstrate what we learned during the class hours. In the course, we visited a school to observe children in their classrooms. This practical understanding allowed what we learned in the class to come alive. Practicum work allowed us to evaluate our teaching abilities. I thank God for the opportunity to attend CMI®. I believe God will help and guide me to do His will in Sri Lanka.

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