Big Picture
Learn how to demonstrate the gospel as a parent and raise children in a godly way.

Shift in Perspective

Oct 13, 2023 | The Harvest

Following the Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1 course, one student said, “Although I went to a Christian high school and learned Bible doctrines, there was chaos in my head. God spoke clearly to me through this course. I understood who He is, what sin is, what Jesus did and who He is, and how to tell children the message of salvation. Now there is order in my head.” One parent who attended the course said, “My mind was very dark. I didn’t believe a child could be saved, but after hearing the experiences and Bible passages you presented, I understood children can receive Jesus as their Savior. I went home and taught my children The Wordless Book. As I taught, I saw tears in the eyes of one of them. At the end, he said, ‘I want to invite Jesus into my life.’ When I saw God spoke to my child’s heart, my mind was no longer in darkness. Now I believe with all my heart that a child is not too young to listen to God’s voice and be changed.”

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