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Learn how to demonstrate the gospel as a parent and raise children in a godly way.

Sowing Seed of the Gospel

Apr 14, 2023 | The Harvest

The Fannett-Metal School District has 172 children in their elementary school, and 165 of them go to Good News Club® each Thursday. This number is too big for one group, so, over the course of several hours, Child Evangelism Fellowship® brings multiple busloads of children to various rooms of the Upper Path Valley church. Volunteers sing, share Bible verses, teach lessons, and play review games with the boys and girls. Each one will hear how Jesus died for their sins and will have the chance to trust in Jesus as Savior. Continued donations have allowed CEF® to go to Fannett-Metal, along with other school districts in surrounding counties, to sow the seeds of the Gospel and to reap a harvest.

To learn more and get involved visit Good News Club – Child Evangelism Fellowship (