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The Effectiveness of Good News Club

Kathy Gleckler is a CEF missionary to Africa. She writes, “Today when I was checking Facebook, I had a message from Peter, who was in my Good News Club in the 80s. Here is what he said:

“Hey Kathy, my name is Peter, a nephew to Jackson K. We lived in Buru Buru phase 2 house 796 and I came to know Christ through your ministry to the kids as we called it Good News Club.  I have longed to just connect with you and thank you for giving up yourself to come to Africa and change our lives. I live in Minnesota now.  If you don’t mind I would like to connect with you. Blessings to you. Peter.”

After Kathy responded to Peter on Facebook he replied:

“Am so happy to hear from you, glory to God. I have always had a burden to pray for you. It’s because of you that I am who I am today especially in my walk with God. I came to the USA in 2000 and lived in Texas until 2009 when I moved to Minnesota. I serve as the family ministries pastor at a church here in Minnesota. Will connect more when we talk in person. Blessings to you. Peter”

Kathy said, “I haven’t seen Peter for years and had no idea the impact of the Good News Club in his life. It sure shows the power of the Word in a child’s life and the effectiveness of Good News Clubs to unchurched children.”