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A Day to Remember

As told to Brother Jeremiah, CEF regional director

One beautiful sunny day, ten-year-­old Chathuri played with her younger sister and brother at the beach. Suddenly, a huge wave came rushing onto land. As her family fled, another wave raced toward shore. Everything was swept away. That day over 30,000 people were killed by a tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Chathuri’s family survived, though separated for a time. Having lost everything, they lived in a tsunami refugee camp. One day Chathuri noticed many of the camp children gathered together. She thought, Maybe people have brought us toys or gifts. She quickly brushed past the other children to get to the center of the crowd. But the people weren’t handing out toys for the children—they were singing songs and playing games together. It was a Good News Club®.

As the teacher, Christine, finished leading the last song, she placed pictures on a big board and told the children about God. Chathuri listened intently as Christine shared the Gospel. For a whole week, Chathuri eagerly waited for Christine to come back to the camp to teach Good News Club again. She invited some of her new friends to attend too. Chathuri realized God’s love for her and knew she could trust Him with her problems. Chathuri began to pray regularly, “My dad is an alcoholic. Jesus, please make him a good father.”

Not long after that Chathuri’s father suddenly stopped drinking. He didn’t hit her mother anymore. Chathuri learned to trust God.

Chathuri said, “The tsunami took away everything that was important to me—my bag, my books, my toys, and the house for the seven people in my family. However, it also brought me something more special. I was given an opportunity to hear about my Jesus at Good News Club. It was the most wonderful news I had ever heard, and I received Jesus Christ as my Savior. My sins were forgiven and Jesus gave me a new life. My dad quit drinking and stopped hitting my mother. If it weren’t for the tsunami, I would still be living in the darkness of sin, living a miserable life. But now, I know the most important truth in the world. I have received Jesus who is the most precious and the worthiest One in the whole world. I am now so happy because of my Jesus. I know it is true, ‘The Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world”‘ (1John4:14).

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