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A Jamaican Adventure

By Emily McGraw

As 2018 began I was unsure as to what I wanted to do with my summer ministry days. I had been away from home for several months serving as an intern with the Creative Services department at Child Evangelism Fellowship® International Headquarters in Missouri. Many friends encouraged me to come back home for Christian Youth In Action® in Florida, but I felt the Lord asking me to say no. Friends and mentors in Missouri encouraged me to trust God and His plan; He knew what was best for me. A few weeks after I told my CYIA ™ back home that I wasn’t coming, I heard about an opportunity to join a team from Richmond, Virginia to help with Jamaica’s first ever Christian Youth In Action. I was very excited.

“I was unsure as to what I wanted to do with my summer ministry days.”

After raising support and lots of prayer, I was on my way to Jamaica. The students at CYIA were wonderful—they were friendly and fun. It was awesome to work with them and watch them grow as teachers.

My Jamaican adventure taught me over and over again that God is faithful. After I said no to my CYIA back home, God provided a different place for me to serve. He was with me in Jamaica as I taught four sessions and helped with demonstration 5-Day Clubs. He helped me to be prepared and calm as I taught and to love the students. I grew in my trust of God even when I was afraid.

I will always look back on my trip to Jamaica with a grateful heart.

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