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A Weekend at CEF HQ

By Zoe Fingerson

Coming to GUIDE Retreat helped me grow closer to God and discern whether or not He wanted me to take the internship CEF® offers for people wanting to work more with the ministry and deepen their Christian walk. At GUIDE Retreat, I made lifelong friendships, learned more about CEF, and grew closer to God. It was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it

When I first started working with CEF in my local area, it was apparent that everyone I met in the ministry had a common goal and passion for God that I hadn’t seen before and haven’t seen since. When I first came to International Headquarters, I saw this in all the workers and in those who were also attending GUIDE Retreat. It was a beautiful thing, and it made me want to be even more involved with CEF than I already was.

At GUIDE Retreat, there were sessions all weekend that gave statistics regarding the fruitfulness of sharing the Gospel with children and the various ways CEF ministers to those around the world. These sessions strengthened the drive God has given me to reach people with the Gospel. What impacted me were the sessions about how we as Christians should be fighting to reach children with the Gospel and to show them that Jesus is the only way.

I also made friendships that I still have with those who were at GUIDE and worked here at Headquarters. These people had a desire to follow God and share the Gospel just like me, and they encouraged me to trust God with my future.

My experience at GUIDE made me stronger in my relationship with God and influenced me to take the internship with CEF, something I am beyond grateful I have done. I encourage anyone who wants to learn about CEF and how God can use them to spread the Gospel to come this fall and see what God is doing here.

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