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Apologetics for Children

Ken Ham, President/CEO, Answers in Genesis

More than ever in our increasingly secularized world, the authority and accuracy of the Bible are under attack. Even at the earliest ages, children are being taught ideas that contradict the Bible, such as evolution and millions of years of history. Should we be terribly surprised that young people today are less inclined to listen to the Bible’s Gospel message? After all, if they can’t believe the Bible’s very first book, what about the rest of God’s Word?

As the public education systems (and the secular media) continually bombard children and teens with messages that question the Bible’s validity, it’s not just young people of high school age who are beginning to doubt the Bible. A study we conducted through the respected America’s Research Group revealed that even many of our churched children are beginning to have doubts about God’s Word in elementary school! We are readily aware that today we need to reach young people at an even earlier age to counter the efforts of media and schools that are trying to convince them not to believe the Bible.

In our increasingly anti-Christian days, when children’s opinions about life are being shaped earlier, a ministry like Child Evangelism Fellowship is more relevant than ever. Since the book of Genesis addresses many of the questions that youngsters are asking today, such as why there is death and suffering in this world, dinosaurs, evolution, etc.; apologetics can be an effective tool in giving solid answers to a questioning world, even at the earliest ages.

With the Bible under attack more than ever, Answers in Genesis is happy to be working alongside CEF to ensure that as the Gospel is shared with children, the Christian faith is also presented as logical and defensible.