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Bereg Camp: A Place of Blessing

(West Ukraine) “Envy arose in me, as my friends in the CEF camp explained with great joy on the last evening, how God had changed their lives.

I would so much like to have this same joy! During the week I had wondered that the Bible message seemed to always speak to me. How did the group leader know about my lies? And why did Jesus nevertheless want to be my personal Savior? This evening was the last impetus I needed to open my heart to the Lord Jesus. At the time I was 10. I can still clearly recall today, what a great joy and relief filled my heart, after I went into the tent to talk and to receive new life there. Through a hole in the tent roof I saw the stars and it occurred to me that they were showing the joy of the angels about my conversion.”(Krisztina F.)

Twelve years have passed since then. Krisztina leads a Good News Club today in her family’s house. She says: “There I am able to pass onto the children, what I have learnt myself. I can observe how the children’s lives change.” And in the summer she naturally goes with her children to Bereg Camp, where she works voluntarily. The tents at Bereg Camp have given way to solid houses over the years. Last summer more than 800 children were reached with the Gospel!