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Bible Course by Helicopter

Vera is 12 years old and lives in a very remote village in Siberia. Somehow she got a Bible correspondence course lesson and enrolled. In a letter she wrote to one of the Russian CEF correspondence course centers:

“I am so glad that I am corresponding with you. I am very glad to learn about God, about the Lord Jesus Christ and about what He did for us. Usually once a week a helicopter flies to our village and throws down bread and mail. It does not land, except in an emergency, if somebody needs to go to hospital. There is no other way to come to our village than by helicopter. Though I sometimes know that your letter cannot come so fast, I still run to the place where the helicopter flies to.”

Anastasya Nosacheva, the leader of the correspondence course ministry in Russia says: “Vera also asked for some lessons for her friends. We’ve sent her correspondence lessons and copies of The Wonder Devotional Book. Recently we received a new letter from Vera, in which she shares that she and her friends have meetings every week to read the Wonder Devotional Book. Every time they receive our letters, they meet together and study them.”

CEF of Russia receives many encouraging testimonies like that. Anastasya Nosacheva is convinced: “Bible correspondence courses for children and teens are a highly effective tool for reaching the hearts of boys and girls in a huge country like Russia. These ‘paper missionaries’ can go to places where we could not go and tell children about Jesus Christ. Today about 122,000 children are enrolled in a correspondence course in Russia. Please pray with us for these children and that the Lord will live in their hearts.”